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Read the model essay and write a three-paragraph essay with the following prompt: Describe a friend you love. Your essay must have: an introductory paragraph, a body paragraph and a conclusion.

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While the introduction comes first on any essay, when you start writing it may be helpful to write everything else and leave the introduction last. When you think about it, having other parts of your paper completed may give you a better advantage in developing your introduction. You can review what you have written and consider how to create content that would draw or bring in the reader. In a way, it is like taking important points and condensing it in the first paragraph.

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One way to help you understand what you are expected to write when it comes to the introduction is to review sample essays. This may give some insight on details you should include and information you may want to leave out. The introduction is roughly one paragraph that may consist of 4 or 5 sentences. It includes the thesis statement or main idea behind the essay. Take notes on details you thought were strong and consist. You may also want to note how the thesis statement is written.

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