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The narrator, like Frayn, There are numerous links with the Context Whose Reality. Spies Michael Frayn Study Guide quotes, Download the Study Guide.

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Frayn shows us Keith and Stephen?s coming.Whose Reality?/Spies - Michael Frayn.

Spies michael frayn whose reality essay

Hiddenness, as it contributes to comedy, includes hiddenness of knowledge, identity, motivation, circumstance, and plot developments, to list a sampling. Hiddenness is obviously an integral component in a spy tale. Or it should be. Thus hiddenness plays not a straightforward role, but instead a comically ironic role, in Joshua . Those whose assigned task it is to remain hidden are the ones revealed almost immediately, thus rendering them dependent on another to provide their needed concealment. Rahab first hides the spies on her roof, then hides the truth of her actions and the extent of her knowledge from the king's messengers (vv. ). Hiddenness is such a pivotal component in this story that three different words for "hide" are used in the narrative (vv. , , ), and the cumulative effect of this "hiding" is a success, as the pursuers are not able to "find" the spies (v. 22).

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In comedy, what is "right" is whatever will address the situation "right now". Comedy's flexibility, flouting of authority, and emphasis on the immediate material realm lead to a comic ethic that is never fixed, but instead is changeable, conforming to the demands of the situation at hand. Rahab is willing to act decisively, intervening to save the spies, and so, in that comic moment, an occupation that would otherwise be condemned goes without judgment.

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