with the easily satisfied mind of the self-uninterested Banquo:—

Gillemichael was witness to several charters by King David to the Monastery of Dumfermline, including the foundation charter of the abbey of Holyroodhouse in 1128.

and then Macbeth's earnest reply,—

 Still again Banquo goes on wondering like any common spectator:

Were such things here as we do speak about?

He died about 1139 and was succeeded in the Earldom by his eldest son Duncan who vanished on the tide of time while his second son Hugo succeeded to the lands of Markinch and other lands later a part of the estate of Wemyss.

whilst Macbeth persists in recurring to the self-concerning:—

Some sources claim he is a son of Malcolm Canmore;others say this is a monk's error (which it seems to be) and he is indeedour MacDuff, and that the Saxon title of Earl was hisreward for meritorious service (i.e., helping get rid of Macbeth.)'
-- This source repeats the (probably wrong) storythat the first Earl of Fife was Ethelred, and that he was a sonof Malcolm.

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I am very familiar with howhuman bodies decompose.

Whatever indigenous/pagan beliefs and practicesmay really have existed in Macbeth's Scotland,the "witches" of the play are obviously there for their role inMacbeth's fictionalized story.

There will be a puddle of oil underneath the body.

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Moments later, the bad guys break in and stab him to death.

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And immediately after pours forth the promising courtesies of a usurper in intention:—

The king shouts "Oh valiant cousin!

(In Holinshed,Banquo is Macbeth's active accomplice.) The procession of kingsends with a mirror (probably held by Banquo rather thananother king, as in some notes.)James could see himself, thus becoming part of the action.

It showslife at its most brutal and cynical, in order to ask life's toughest question.

(In Holinshed, Banquo is Macbeth's accomplice.

It had the additional protection of strong natural caves beneath."Clan Duff originated from the Royal Scotto-Pictish line,of which Queen Gruoch stood as its senior representative" (!)"Duff" means "black", i.e., dark-complected, as in Shakespeare's sonnetsand descriptions of Beethoven and Pushkin.

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Act ii. sc. i. Banquo's speech:

Stephen Greenblatt's "Will in the World" (highly recommended,a book about Shakespeare's times and how he must have beeninfluenced by contemporary events) explains some puzzling featuresof our play.