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While Rockefeller and the other robber barons built their empires, the AMA was also building its monopoly. The AMA's charter stated that one of its goals was “eliminating the competition.” In the 1850s, the AMA launched its first political campaign, which sought to ban abortion. Before the AMA's campaign, abortions were legal if they were performed before the baby could be felt kicking, and even the Catholic Church did not oppose it. The AMA's campaign was stepped up in 1864, decrying abortion’s evils, eventually calling abortionists murderers and executioners. It worked, as between 1875 and 1900, every state but Kentucky passed laws banning all abortions. Hundreds of thousands of American women died during the years that abortion was illegal, as they had back-alley abortions and died from the complications. Not only was the AMA campaigning to ban abortion, it also actively discouraged contraception and even information on fertility. While the AMA clothed itself in righteousness, an examination of the internal record revealed that the AMA’s motivation had nothing whatsoever to do with the sanctity of life. Their war was waged to wipe out female healers. Midwives were the traditional administers of abortion and contraception. It would take nearly a century before abortion was made legal again, and in the early 21st century, the right was under siege once again in America, although the effort is unlikely to succeed. The effort is about controlling and punishing women, and has little to do with a reverence toward life, as evidenced by most anti-abortionists’ supporting capital punishment (their attitude epitomized by the American president who led the new attack, ), as well as murdered doctors and blown-up clinics.

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Could this essay's first half be considered an indulgence of my childhood fascination with nature? That argument could have merit, but I have always been a "big picture" kind of thinker, even as a teenager. I am writing this essay primarily to help manifest FE technology in the public sphere and help remedy the deficiencies in all previous attempts that I was part of, witnessed, heard of, or read about. The biggest problem, by far, was that those trying to bring FE technology to the public had virtually no support from the very public that they sought to help. My journey's most important lesson was that , and an egocentric humanity living in scarcity and fear is almost effortlessly manipulated by the social managers. John Q. Public is only interested in FE technology to the extent that he can immediately profit from it. Otherwise, he goes back to watching his favorite TV show. It took many years of disillusionment for that to finally become clear to me. While this essay and all of my writings are provided for free to humanity and anybody can read them, I intend to only reach a very tiny fraction of humanity with my writings, but that tiny fraction will be sufficient for my plan to succeed. The readers that I seek have a formidable task ahead of them, but nothing less is required for my approach to have any hope of bearing fruit. This essay and my other writings are intended as a course in (also called "big picture") thinking. Studying the details deeply enough to avoid misleading superficial understandings is also a key goal. I am an accountant by profession, but one of the world's leading paleobiologists surprisingly read an early draft of this essay and informed me that it was one of the best efforts that he ever saw on the journey of life on Earth. There was nobody on Earth whose opinion I would have respected more than his, so I do not think that I am asking readers of this essay's first half to humor me. Every sentient being on Earth should know the rudiments of what this essay's first half covers.

Rockefeller was a so-called "robber baron".

Dunbar, Agnes Randolph, Countess of – (c1305 – 1369)
Scottish heroine
Lady Agnes Randolph was the elder daughter of Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, the nephew of King Robert I the Bruce, and his wife Isabel, the daughter of Sir John Stewart, of Bonkill. She was married (1320) to Patrick, Earl of Dunbar and March (1282 – 1369), as his second wife, and bore him a son and two daughters. Because of her dark facial complexion, the countess was known popularly as ‘Black Agnes.’
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Legend has it that her captured brother, John, earl of Moray was brought before the battlements by the English, who threatened to kill him if Agnes did not surrender. She merely replied that they might do as they wished, as she was his heir anyway. The English were finally forced to retire from the siege and negotiate a truce. Her brother was eventually killed (1346) and Agnes did, in fact, inherit his earldom and various baronies. Their elder daughter, Agnes Dunbar, the wife of Sir James Douglas, was the mistress of King David II, whilst the younger, Elizabeth, became the wife of Sir John Maitland. Agnes and Lord Dunbar died within a few months of each other.

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Delamere, Gwladys Helen Beckett, Lady – (1897 – 1943)
British colonial society figure and administrator
Gwladys Beckett was the eldest daughter of Rupert Beckett and his wife Muriel, the daughter of Major Lord Charles Sydney Paget. Gwladys was married firstly (1920) to Sir Charles Markham (1899 – 1952), second baronet, as his first wife. Lady Markham bore her husband three children, including Sir Charles John Markham, third baronet (born 1924).
After her divorce, Lady Markham was remarried (1928) to Hugh Cholmondeley (1870 – 1931), third Baron Delamere, as his second wife. Lady Delamere was an influential member of the British colony resident in Kenya, and entertained the Prince of Wales (Edward VIII) at the infamous Muthaiga Club there (1928). Lady Delamere later served as Mayor of Nairobi (1938 – 1939), but was later implicated in the scandalous murder trial of Lord Erroll (1941), being herself one of the main witnesses. She herself had been Erroll’s mistress over a period of years, and his subsequent attachment to Lady Diana Broughton, caused her great jealousy. Lady Delamere never really lived down her involvement in this affair. Lady Delamere died (Feb 22, 1943) at Soysambu, aged forty-five, after suffering a stroke.

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Rockefeller became a robber baron extraordinaire with the rise of oil in transportation. In the USA in 2011, more than 90% of all transportation energy was provided by oil, and the proportion is about the same for global industrial transportation. In the West, nearly all coal is used to produce electricity. A watershed event in oil’s use in transportation was when Winston Churchill, after in 1911, . The UK did not have domestic sources of oil as the USA did, and thus began the West’s domination of the oil-rich Middle East, which continues into the 21st century. By 1920, against the peoples of what became Iraq, as the UK secured the region for oil interests, and before World War II was over, Churchill called for the complete genocide of the Japanese people, , , and his , . His , but he is primarily remembered in the West as the great statesman who stood up to Hitler. Similarly, , the historical figure that and whose , is for .

Robber Baron. Vs. Captain of Industry? John D. Rockefeller was the guiding force behind the creation of the Standard Oil Company, which grew to dominate the oil industry.

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Is he to be placed on a pedestal for others as a "?" Or should he be demonized as a "robber baron." A , by definition, was an American capitalist at the turn of the 19th century who enriched himself upon the sweat of others, exploited natural resources, or possessed unfair government influence.Whatever conclusions can be drawn, Rockefeller's impact on the American economy demands recognition.Rockefeller was born in 1839 in Moravia, a small town in western New York.