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Obama, Reagan, and Kennedy received the most support from respondents when asked which recent president they wish was serving in the White House right now.

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Starting from the humble origins of one man tutoring his nephew, Khan Academy has grown into a leading provider of world class education. Keeping with its original intent, Khan Academy provides over 36 million learners with a personalized learning experience for students of all ages. Each student has access to courses anytime, anywhere and can view their progress through the personalized learning dashboard. Each course is designed not only to develop masterly of a subject but to encourage a mindset of lifelong learning. Khan Academy also offers a unique coaching platform so instructors or parents can view the individual strengths and weaknesses of students after each course.

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Most MOOCs consist of a series of video lectures that are intended to instruct the learner on the material. Often, the course will include quizzes after some or all of the lectures. These are intended to make sure the learner is grasping the material. Depending on the MOOC structure, getting a passing grade on a quiz may be required to begin the next set of lectures.

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Finally, some MOOCs may have a final examination or assignment. If receiving a certification or college credit is an option, completing this final examination or assignment will almost certainly be a requirement for passing the course.

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Today’s extraordinarily high level of partisanship mainly explains why the two most polarizing presidents among Democratic and Republican respondents are the two most recent, Obama and Trump. The difference between the average rating among Democrats and Republicans for Obama was 5.18, the largest margin of any president. Trump was next, with a sizable difference of 5.06. Clinton and Reagan tied for a distant third with a partisan difference of 2.88.

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In the general election, Brown will have to restore some Democratic strength in the predominately Appalachian part of the state east and south of Greater Cleveland. Renacci represents some of that territory in the House, and if a pro-Trump voting record ends up being an asset in the fall, Renacci has it. That said, we’re not sure Trump is going to be an asset here (or in many other states, even ones that voted for him). All in all, the Mandel for Renacci swap has not really changed our outlook in Ohio: Brown is a modest favorite but he should face a very competitive challenge.

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Students apply to the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree program and to the University through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Standardized exams, such as the SAT, are not required. There is no foreign language requirement.

Please note: Individuals who have already earned a baccalaureate degree are not eligible to apply for admission to BIS. Individuals may not apply to more than one undergraduate transfer program at UVA at the same time. Individuals who have been denied admission to another undergraduate program at UVA must wait one year before applying to BIS.