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All Udall Scholarship applications must be received prior to the March 2nd deadline. A completed application includes three letters of recommendation, college transcripts, an application form, and a short essay. Students are able to peruse a sample application on the website in order to better understand what factors the judges are looking for in a strong application. Furthermore, the website offers application tips to students as well as tips on how to write great essays. In February, Question and Answer sessions are help in an effort to further support students who are interested in applying to the award.

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03/02/2018 · The Udall Scholarship honors Morris K

Candidates for the Udall scholarship supply three letters of reference and prepare extensive application materials, including biographical background, personal narrative, educational plans, and an essay of 800 words applying Congressman Udall’s achievements to their own background. Ideally, references for the student should be highly familiar with the student’s application, particularly the essay question responses.

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The two sample sets of Udall application materials in the pdf below are richly detailed, with both writers thoroughly discussing research and field experiences. In discussing his environmental commitment, the first writer, an environmental engineering student, focuses on a field trip to a Superfund site where he witnessed remediation in action, while the second writer, studying mathematics and ecology, discusses a course she is taking on environmental issues in South Africa and a sailing adventure in the Florida Keys. Of note in the first writer’s essay is his creative answer to question #4, about leadership in his campus community, where he discusses his participation in an outreach service project. The first writer was put forth as a finalist but did not receive a Udall. The second writer did receive a scholarship, after winning honorable mention in the previous year.

The Udall Scholarship honors Morris K
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