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In honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to share a tribute to my mother that I read in front of friends and family 3 ½ years ago at her funeral. I sat down to write this eulogy a couple weeks before my mother died. I was in a rocking chair next to her bed, keeping her company as she dozed. Initially, I thought this would be the hardest thing I would ever write.

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My purpose today is not to write a tribute to this man as more capable men have already done this.

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Hi Joan, I agree. It is the only job I know of that requires every moment of your day for 18-21 years only to reach the ultimate goal of setting them sailing their own course without you there. From a mother’s perspective it’s tough business letting go. But we do, and they fly the nest. And then we are left to rediscover ourselves. Necessity is truly the mother of invention. I feel for your friends, but they were vigilant enough to see the problem and rescue their child. Kudos for that. So happy you popped in and shared. You are pretty wonderful.

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I have friends that are the most perfect parents. They even plan scenerios of situations to train their two boys. In spite of all the care they took, the Mom discovered that her eldest was trying drugs. He goes to an upscale school – nothing but the best. It took a lot of talking, but he finally gave in and confessed and has thanked them ever since. But their fine parenting couldn’t stop the peer pressure. They still have to live in the world as it is.

About five years ago my mother, my sister and I moved from Ukraine here to the United States.

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My father’s story has a natural conclusion: on a wintry day in December of 1999, he collapsed and died, stunning my whole family. But for me, this was less an end than a startling beginning. Since that fateful day, I’ve come to reflect on my dad in all of his flesh-and-blood complexity, strengthening my connection with him while also creating my own sense of closure and farewell. The process is tricky, for he was full of pointed contradictions: a pro-feminist who angrily vented upon my mother, a gender role skeptic who nonetheless reinforced gender boundaries, an anti-sexist who failed to confront some of his most sexist patterns, a sensitive, reflective man who fled from his own feelings, long using alcohol to aid his flight. Only in recognizing these can I piece him together.

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Certainly my dad should be understood within the larger context of a society founded upon structural inequalities, like patriarchy. Single lives cannot easily bypass institutional realities. However, in some areas of his life, my father worked to challenge this context. So, why the incongruity? I suspect that his failure to deal with his behavior stemmed, in part, from his difficulty reaching out and finding support. Despite his encouraging efforts with men’s groups, he still relied heavily on the woman in his life–my mom–for emotional care-taking, a dynamic that many men are quick to fall back on. The gendered roles and expectations of the nuclear family–breadwinning father and nurturing mother–don’t die so easily.

Ambition is a great virtue to have, and that is one reason why my mother is my role model.

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I agree with you re: the hairy eyeball approach. With two boys, it’s been key. That and teaching them to open doors, kill bugs, take out trash, lift heavy objects, put down toilet seats, come when I call them from across the house… and to worship their Mother.

The type of mother who always has time to listen when I need to express my feelings.

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In moments of extreme sadness, pop-punk psychology may not be welcome, but it sometimes seemed like his need to do things his own way, and only his own way, overtook him. Control was job one to him, which allowed for amazing things in the studio and onstage, unprecedented leaps of inspiration and synthesis and an energy so prolific it seemed like it would never be shut off. But it also suggested that there was a level of mistrust when it came to letting the outside world in.

War was seen as a religious duty and a way in which to pay tribute to the gods.

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On the other hand, I acknowledge my dad’s failings. I love him, and the most sincere way I know of expressing my love (particularly in his absence) is by learning from his mistakes and accepting the responsibility of not repeating them. As a (mostly) straight man, the son of my father, I too have the capacity to dwell in my rage and entitlement, to sink myself into emotional avoidance and isolated withdrawal, to rely exclusively on the women in my life for my emotional care-taking. I too can choose to ignore my privilege. To forget any of this would be the greatest disrespect to my dad. In this sense as well, I carry him with me.