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The Stresemann Era During the dark days of 1923, Gustav Stresemann was appointed chancellor and his policies would help to transform the fortunes of Weimar. He had been a strong supporter of Germany’s involvement in World War I and advocated unrestricted submarine warfare as the only means to defeat Britain. At first, Stresemann felt no loyalty to the new Weimar Republic and he opposed the Treaty of Versailles.

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Sheldon Anderson, "The myth of Versailles Treaty and the Origins of World War II" in " Condemned to Repeat " (Lexington Books, 2008), p. 48

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• The Sudetenland led Stalin to make the Nazi-Soviet Pact, because he believed he could not trust Britain. This drawing by the British cartoonist David Low (20 March 1935) is titled 'Cause comes before effect'. (Four days earlier Hitler had held his 'Freedom to Rearm' military rally where he denounced the disarmament clauses of the Versailles Treaty and announced the reinstatement of conscription in Germany.) Click here for the interpretation 4. Hitler was expansionist • Many historians still think that the Second World War was Hitler's personal war, and that he always intended to fight a war - as a re-run of a First World War he did not believe that German had lost fairly.

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In the last September (2010), the European newspapers announced that the First World War officially ended, Germany paid the last £ 59.5 million debt. In 1919, the political leaders in Paris, under the pressure of France, accepted the idea that Germany, as a sole perpetrator, must pay the all price for the war; German economic power had to rebuild the devastated continent. Keynes predicted early what would be the consequences of such a decision. Germany, the biggest and economically most advanced nation on the continent, would be impoverished and the result would be this: "Men will not always die quietly. For starvation, which brings to some lethargy and a helpless despair, drives other temperaments to the nervous instability of hysteria and to a mad despair. And these in their distress may overturn the remnants of organization, and submerge civilization itself in their attempts to satisfy desperately the overwhelming needs of the individual. This is the danger against which all our resources and courage and idealism must now cooperate." These words were written in 1918-19, well before the Great Depression and the radicalization of the German politics that led to the rise of Hitler. Before the war, Germany had transformed from agricultural society into industrial one, and Keynes was afraid that the economic arrangements of the Treaty would hit the industrial base of the state. Actually, despite the inflation, French occupation of Ruhr and the unemployment hikes, Germans not only survived the 1920s, but performed pretty well. The Great Depression did what Versailles economic sanctions did not do.

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This essay aims to give an answer to the question "To what extent was the Treaty of Versailles a cause for the Second World War?" The attentive reader would immediately notice that the question in the way as I put it consists in itself half of the answer. Intentionally, I do not ask, "Is the Versailles Treaty a cause for the Second World War?" Over this question, the debate was huge. But I ask, "To what extent it is a cause?" This implies that the Versailles Treaty, in my opinion, is not the only reason for the Second World War, although it is a critical element in the long chain of causations, without which the war perhaps would not happen.

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In this essay I propose to examine the Battleships produced by the major world sea powers after the signing of the landmark 1922 Washington Naval Treaty. The 1922 Treaty was replaced by the subsequent London Naval Treaties of 1930 and 1936. German naval rearmament after World War I was constrained by the Treaty of Versailles, which initially limited German battleships to 10,000 tons and 11 inch main battery guns.