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Top Must-visit Beach Destinations in Zante, Greece

Must-visit Beach Destinations in Zante, Greece

How do you picture a perfect summer vacation? Well, when I think about it I see a sandy beach, turquoise waters, all of that tucked in between gorgeous mountains. The reason I often dream about this scene is that I have already seen it, been there, and I gladly return to it. The place that fits this description is Zakynthos a.k.a Zante, a mesmerizing Greek island guaranteed to take your breath away. If you asked me what is the best thing about this island, I couldn’t give you a direct answer, but I’m certain that the beaches are the soul of this place. Today, I am going to introduce you to the Beach Destinations in Zante.

1. Navagio Beach

Beach Destinations in Zante, Greece

Also known as Shipwreck Beach, this is a spot that you have probably seen in photographs online, but haven’t found out where it is. This beach is located on the northwest coast of Zante and is, without a doubt, the most iconic and famous sight of the island. It is truly one of a kind, unique wonder of nature that would leave anyone speechless. This is an absolute must-see for all tourists, especially first-time visitors.

2. Gerakas Beach


On the opposite side of the island, you can find Vasilikos, a peaceful corner for those who yearn for relaxation, and a rocky mountain area bit south from this place hides Gerakas beach. It consists of goldensand bordered by a clay ridge on one side and is home to many Caretta-Caretta turtles. Calm waters, unspoiled nature, and no loud music create a perfect atmosphere for unwinding.

3. Blue Caves

Blue Caves

Technically, this isn’t a beach, but I chose to include it on the list because it is honestly, THE best swimming spot in Zakynthos. The caves are located on the north tip of the island, and you can get to them by boat. Diving and floating around the crystal clear waters while gazing at the magnificent rocks will be an experience unlike you have ever had before. Trust me; you’ll refuse to leave this place!

4. Banana Beach


If you enjoy looking at a great expanse of sand, turquoise sea and blue skies this might be the right place for you. Close to the Vasilikos resort, Banana Beach is the biggest on the island, and it received an award from TripAdvisor. It is organized very well, and you can find a lot of rentable umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as bars and cafes. There are some watersports available as well (one kilometer south), for those who like to get their adrenaline running.

5. Xigia Beach


Due to high concentrations of sulfur in the water surrounding this Beach, Xigia is considered a natural spa. Snuggled between two rock this place is a great option for those in the mood for a nice therapeutic session, as sulfur is good for your skin and, some even say arthritis. Never mind the health benefits, the place itself is stunning and worth paying a visit. There is a little downside you should know – sulfur has a strong smell.

Navagio Beach Shipwreck Bay

So, folks, these would be my picks for top, must-see beaches of Zante and they are a great starting point for first-time visitors. Keep in mind that the island has more amazing beaches to offer and you can’t go wrong with visiting any of them. The biggest delight of traveling is exploring new places, and my intention is to inspire you to do it. So get out there and find your own, perfect spot wherever it may be!

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