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Tolstoy’s belief of “an artist’s chief job is to express and communicate emotions to an audience” (Freeland, 155) is conveyed when you initially look at the Hugh Hefner portrait....

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According to Tolstoy, good art is what carries humanity towards perfection (Tolstoy 383).

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Nonetheless, even though we draw members of the military from that pluralistic society, the uniqueness of the military function will always keep its leading practitioners apart from the mainstream of civilian society....

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When reading any of Tolstoy’s works the reader can tell that Tolstoy is an anarchist, and those anarchist beliefs expressed in his books have inspired many great leaders and revolutionaries, like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr....

Good art, for Tolstoy, is art that expresses itself through religious perception.

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In 1812, Napoleon launched his fateful invasion of Russia. Five decades later, Leo Tolstoy published War and Peace, a fictional representation of the era that is one of the most celebrated novels in world literature. The novel contains a coherent (though much disputed) philosophy of history and portrays the history and military strategy of its time in a manner that offers lessons for the soldiers of today. To mark the two hundredth anniversary of the French invasion of Russia and acknowledge the importance of Tolstoy's novel for our historical memory of its central events, Rick McPeak and Donna Tussing Orwin have assembled a distinguished group of scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds—literary criticism, history, social science, and philosophy—to provide fresh readings of the novel.

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Using symbols Tolstoy creates a vivid image pertaining to a topic few people can even start to comprehend- the reexamination of one's life while on the brink of death....

the subject of several of Tolstoy's essays.

As Ivan Ilych suffers through his last moments on earth, Tolstoy narrates this man's struggle to evolve and to ultimately realize his life was not perfect.

It is important that art be simultaneously accessible and enjoyable to the common man.

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The more recent book follows the actual life of a sociology professor at Brandeis University while the other explores a product of Leo Tolstoy's imagination.

In his essay on art, Tolstoy (1828 -1910) asks the question, “What is Art?”.

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“everyone now is thinking or talking about the nature of art and aesthetic experience” .clutton-brock begins his essay by stating the popular subject of discussion.

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Sep 12, 2002 The methodological problem; Tostoy's definition of Art; Tolstoy's Theory of Artistic Modern definitions of art have excluded moral criteria from .