Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man—A Critical Edition

Joshua Whitehead is a Two-Spirit/ Oji-Cree/nehiyaw member of Peguis First Nation (Treaty 1) in Manitowapow. He is currently a doctoral student at the University of Calgary where he focuses on Indigenous Literatures and Cultures in the English Department. Joshua is the author of full-metal indigiqueer (Talonbooks) and the forthcoming Jonny Appleseed (Arsenal Pulp Press)

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“Kathleen Winter’s novel, Annabel, is absolutely riveting from the very first page. At its most basic, Annabel is the story of a hermaphrodite child raised in Labrador. It is about the struggle of genders within one child, and how that struggle makes the child another thing entirely, though effectively about any kind of suppression. Its language is breathtaking and her subject is thrilling because – hard to manage these days – it is so very new. I have friends I worry about handing this novel to, because of its subversive, but beautiful, power.”
– Globe & Mail

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Shauna Singh Baldwin’s first novel, What the Body Remembers, was published in 1999 by Knopf Canada, Transworld UK, and Doubleday USA. It received the 2000 Commonwealth Writer’s Prize for Best Book (Canada-Caribbean region) and has been translated into fourteen languages. Her second novel The Tiger Claw was a finalist for Canada’s Giller Prize 2004 and has been optioned for film. Shauna is the author of English Lessons and Other Stories and coauthor of A Foreign Visitor’s Survival Guide to America. Her latest novel, The Selector of Souls, was published by Knopf Canada, Simon & Schuster UK and India and in Turkey, and received the Anne Powers Fiction Book Award. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband and is at work on her next book.

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~Gustav Boehm, "A Discourse on Title Page Composition," in (Chicago), March 1886

Numerous as was her queer and miscellaneous collection of books, she perceived, as she looked around her with a business-like and scrutinising eye, that there was still room for many hundreds more; nay, as her fancy luxuriated in the conscious power of acquisition, she began to meditate on the possibility of adding to her space by a bold inroad on a laundry, to which, though now approached by a different staircase, access might be obtained by means of knocking down an old wall...

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was born at Stonestill, near Woodstock, Oxfordshire, in 1820