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Nouveaux memoires interieures. 1965; as The Inner Presence: Recollections of My Spiritual Life, translated by Herma Briffault, 1968; as More Reflections from the Soul, translated with introduction by Mary Kimbrough, 1991; Mauriac et le symbolisme by Bernard C. Swift, 2000.

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L'étranger-Albert Camus-teaching and learning resources

L'étranger-Albert Camus-teaching and learning resources

Destins (includes Coups de couteau and Un homme de lettres). 1928; as Destinies, translated by Eric Sutton, 1929; as Lines of Life, translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1957.

In Depth Tutorials and Information

Le Noeud de viperes. 1932; as Vipers’ Tangle, translated by Warre B. Welles, 1933; as Knot of Vipers, translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1951.

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Orages. 1925; revised edition, 1949.

Le Sagouin. 1951; as The Little Misery, translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1952; as The Weakling, translated by Hopkins, 1952. Galiga’i. 1952; as The Loved and the Unloved, translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1952.

La Vie et la mort d’un poete (on Andre Lafon). 1924.

Asmodee (produced 1937). 1938; as Asmodee; or, The Intruder, translated by Basil Bartlett, 1939; also translated by Beverly Thurman, 1957.

Le Tourment de Jacques Riviere. 1926.

Therese Desqueyroux. 1927; as Therese, translated by Eric Sutton, 1928; as Therese: A Portrait in Four Parts, translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1947.

Les Beaux Esprits de ce temps. 1926.

Le Jeudi saint. 1931; as Maundy Thursday, translated by Harold F. Kynaston-Snell, 1932; as The Eucharist: The Mystery of Holy Thursday, translated by Marie-Louise Dufrenoy, 1944.

L’Enfant charge de chaines. 1913; as Young Man in Chains, translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1961.

L’Agneau. 1954; as The Lamb, translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1955.

Le Desert de l’amour. 1925; as The Desert of Love, translated by Samuel Putnam, 1929; also translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1949.

La Robe pretexte. 1914; as The Stuff of Youth, translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1960.

Passage du Malin (produced 1947). 1948.

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La Chair et le sang. 1920; as Flesh and Blood, translated by Gerard Hopkins, 1954.

Screenplays: Therese, with Claude Mauriac and Georges Franju, 1963.

Les Anges noirs. 1936; as The Dark Angels, translated by Gerard Hopkins, with That Which Was Lost, 1951; as The Mask of Innocence, translated by Hopkins, 1953.