At ten, he got his first shotgun.

His illusions were shattered, but the experiences gathered were invaluable, and, what's more, everything turned out to be all right in the end, the good ones won, his wounds healed completely and Agnes was a mere "Schwärmerei" (Burgess (9.); page 24).

He also enjoyed a good fight; boxing was one of his passions.

IntroductionOak Park produced a tall, handsome man, strong, smart and ambitious.

He was mentored there by Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound.

He starting writing for the Kansas City Star and adopted as his personal standand the main directives of newspaper's stylebook: "Brevity, a reconciliation of vigour with smoothness, the positive approach".

Fifty-one years later, he used a gun to kill himself.

After being discharged from the Army, Hemingway returned home and in 1920 took a job in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Toronto Star newspaper as a freelancer, staff writer, and foreign correspondent.

He had already learned the art of hunting and therefore was no stranger to killing.

But that is what caused Hemingway's failure.

By confronting the obsolete, romantic way of warmaking with the real thing, Hemingway showed the contrast between the official patriotic propaganda and the harsh reality.

He felt he had to be as stoic as his characters.

But his good fortune in business, art and marriage was overshadowed by serious attacks on his health (anthrax infection, cut eyeball, glass-gash in his forehead, grippe, toothache, hemorrhoids; kidney trouble from fishing in Spain, torn groin muscle, finger gashed to the bone in an accident with a punching ball, laceration of arms, legs and face from a ride on a runaway horse through a deep Wyoming forest, later: car accident in Wyoming in which his arm was badly broken).

Like Robert Jordan's father, he was trapped.

One of the main themes of the novel is the unity of life and death, illustrated by a number of striking pictures like the soldiers carrying ammunition boxes, who "marched as though they were gone six months with child" (A Farewell (1.), p.

Some of his Nick stories seem partly based on his experiences at this time.

Even his close friend James Joyce mixed him up with his characters.

In spite of his efforts to support the Loyalists, Francisco Franco seized power in the spring of 1939, as Benito Mussolini had previously done in Italy [1922].

He even got decorated, returned as a hero and earned much fame and admiration back home.

He's a big, powerful peasant, as strong as a buffalo.

The book is not a war novel, but, as Anthony Burgess put it, "a complex statement about the nature of human commitment, presented against a background of war vividly caught." (Burgess (9.), p.

His luck was completed when he married Hadley Richardson who bore his first son.

He would never have it if his body had not allowed him to live it.

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