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A point about the more personal narrative offered in these last stanzas, forit is the reference to the death of the father, the attempted suicide, and themarriage which calls up the more straightforward biographical reading of thistext. Note, however, that the general does not conceal—'camouflage'—theparticular or personal meaning. It is, again, the relationship of the two levelswhich is important (it is that relationship, part sequence, partoverdetermination, which the poem transcribes). But even at the most personallevel of this poem, there is something more general at stake. For the link that'Daddy' represents between suicide and a paternity, at once personal andsymbolic, is again not exclusive to Plath.

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'Daddy' self-consciously exploits the linguistic primitivism of the 'unleashed tongue'through parody voodoo rituals. The father becomes a scapegoat, ritually dismembered intometonymic body parts such as foot, toe, head, mustache, blue eye, cleft chin, bones,heart, and resurrected in a bewildering variety of guises: black shoe, 'ghastly statuewith one gray toe', 'panzer-man', teacher, devil, black man, Teutonic vampire, and,finally, Freudian father of the primal horde murdered by his sons. The original of 'Daddy'is irrevocably lost; it is the symbols of the (dead) father, his law, which the speaker isaddressing: 'And then I knew what to do. | I made a model of you, | A man in black with aMeinkampf look.' The transformations of the father are matched by the daughter, whobecomes, in succession, a white foot, Jew, pupil, gipsy, witch, and doll with a 'prettyred heart'. The violent symmetry and parallelism of the victim-oppressor scenario recallsTheodor Adorno's claim, in 'Elements of Anti-Semitism' (1944) that the Fascist projectsthe impulses he cannot accept as his own on to his victim. It is his similarity to the Jewwhich arouses the paranoid rage of the anti-Semite and turns the oppressed into anoppressor. The preverbal language of mimicry—of primitive gesture—becomes thetabooed sign of the Jew, marking him as the scapegoat. In 'Daddy', the oppressiverelationship between father and daughter is seen as part of a larger process ofscapegoating at work in history and language alike:

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The son gets handed into the care of Nelly for the bulk of his childhood, while Hindley attempts to drink his worries away.
Hindley's lack of interest in Hareton
The Relationships between Father Figures and Sons throughout
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Hareton becomes Heathcliff's after Hindley's death
"Now, my bonny lad, you are mine!

“Father and Son” “Father and Son” is a story about the relationship between a widower father and his teenage son.
To a further extent the relationship between a father and a son can be more than just a simple companionship.

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Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Gabriele Muccino’s The Pursuit of Happyness both depict a story between a father and son using each other as a means of survival when faced with adversity....

The most significant father-son relationship in the play is the one between Willy and ..

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the southbound journey and the relationship between the father and son.

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By taking on the markings of a Jew in the poem, she highlights the heart of whitenessdebates: who exactly can claim to be white? In the context of the poem, Plath attempts toseparate from her father, whose power she associates with blackness and nazism. As herfather's victim, she takes on the role of persecuted Jew. Dyer explains that the Jews'relationship to whiteness has not been at all fixed in time. During World War II, theJews, as compared to Aryans, were definitively not-white. However, like the Irish and theMexicans, the Jews have been both included and excluded from whiteness throughout time. Inparticular, their special whiteness has been used as a "'buffer' between the whiteand the black or indigenous" (Dyer 19). The Jew that Plath becomes in"Daddy" is a "buffer" Jew in the sense that it permits her multipleassociations with and protections from whiteness. As a Jewish victim of Nazis, she isnon-Aryan. As a Jewish victim of Otto Plath, whom she describes as black in the poem, sheis white. As a white woman claiming identification with Jews, she proclaims separationfrom the domineering whiteness of nazism. In "Daddy," Plath particularizes andmultiplies her whiteness in relationship to and variance from the negative forcesthreatening her. Occupation of a Jewish persona permits her just such vacillation.