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Daisy and the lodger first hear and then see the pursuing crowd; Daisy takesthe overcoat from his arms and exhorts him to flee. The chase scene isremarkably tense, the eerie lighting and darkened sets providing appropriatelyhaunting touches to the action, anticipating the horror films of the followingdecade, and recalling scenes from which Hitchcock had foundcompelling while working in Germany. Stopping in the center of a small bridge,the lodger first gazes frantically at the onrushing throng, and then attempts toclimb over the bridge’s spiked metal railing. But in trying to scale therailing he slips, catching his handcuffs on the metalwork. In an agonizingclose-up we see the lodger dangling from one of the dagger-like points of therailing, his handcuffs holding him suspended above the crowd. The angry mobconverges on and below the bridge and begins to beat him as he hangs suspendedand helpless.

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There are moral values that guide the characters and historical experiences that shaped them.

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Hitchcock’s last film for producer David O. Selznick is a courtroom drama about a society woman on trial for murdering her husband. The director’s interest clearly lies in the love triangle linking the defendant, her attorney and his wife, but the film takes advantage of the ensemble nature of the story to provide a panoply of fascinating character studies, including a distasteful judge and his long-suffering wife. Shooting entirely on a soundstage, Hitchcock focuses on the faces of his cast as canvasses on which to juxtapose light and dark, emphasizing the characters’ moral complexities in a reminder of the influence that German Expressionist cinema had on the young filmmaker. Print courtesy Disney.

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After her introduction as a fashion model, the film’s heroine, DaisyBunting, arrives home to find her parents discussing the newspaper report of theAvenger’s latest murder. Her boyfriend Joe, a police detective, is alreadypresent. As Daisy reads the newspaper account, Joe suggests an immediateaffinity between himself and the Avenger, telling Daisy that, like the Avenger,he is himself fond of blonde hair - a direct reference to Daisy. This is thefirst of three tasteless jokes that Joe tells, a practise he will only abandonwhen he returns from the scene of the Avenger’s eighth killing, horrified bywhat he will see. From that point forward, Joe neither jokes nor smiles for theremainder of the film.

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The young man, James McDermott, was sentenced to death, and the girl, Grace Marks, narrowly escaped it.

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Joe and the Buntings rush up to the lodger’s room. As Joe opens the door hesees Daisy and the lodger laughing and embracing by the window. Seeing them inone another’s arms, Joe stalks across the floor, the camera providing hisviewpoint as the distance between him and the couple diminishes. It is here thatDaisy’s proximity becomes telling. Joe pulls Daisy from the lodger’s armsand interposes himself between her and the lodger, forming a linear arrangementfrom left to right across the screen. Daisy’s mother then pulls Daisy furtheraway yet, so that both Joe and Mrs. Bunting now stand between her and the lodger(somehow Mr. Bunting has disappeared entirely from the scene). Joe and thelodger square off as though about to come to blows. During this time Daisy hastaken upon herself the task of cleaning up the mess while explaining to Joe thatshe dropped the breakfast tray after being frightened by a mouse. Hitchcock thenmoves Daisy toward the camera, so a triangle is formed between her, the lodger,and Joe, Daisy forming the centerpoint of the line between Joe and the lodgerfrom our vantage point. Mrs. Bunting is now framed outside of the triangle. Theargument continues, Daisy placed symbolically between them as both the source oftheir connection, and the cause of their anger. Just as Joe joked about hisrelation to Daisy being predicated on a connection with the Avenger, so nowDaisy has become the medial object both drawing together and driving apart thetwo men.

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Among the standouts of Gil Evans' extraordinarily brilliant soundtrack to the 1986 film adaptation of Colin MacInnes' hosanna to retromodernity, , is this set piece track of Bowie's. While critical reaction to the film - and especially to Bowie's performance as Vendice Partners, the anachronistically yuppified Mayfair advertising executive – was deeply disapproving, the soundtrack has quietly crept past the film's embarrassments to install itself in the shortlist of notable OSTs. Littered though it is with offerings from Sade, Ray Davies, Paul Weller, Jerry Dammers and Smiley Culture, it's the central writing relationship of Bowie and Gil Evans – former collaborator of Miles Davis, here in his full 80s folly phase – that gives shape to an otherwise meandering collection.

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first film to feature Hitchcockian visual effects (the sound of the lodger’s footsteps illustrated visually through the use of a glass floor; Joe’s ruminations reflected back to him in the lodger’s footprint)