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Ahuitzotl's empire enabled the Mexica to gain cotton from thenorthern coastal region and gold and cochineal from the OaxacaZapotecs, who revolted against the unfair trade in 1496. Ahuitzotltried to prevent his victorious warriors from plundering, andthey resented his limited sharing of booty. When the rulers ofTehuantepec offered to pay much tribute to prevent a slaughter,Ahuitzotl pleased everyone by distributing it to his men. Whenthe people of Tehuantepec tried to trade with Xoconoxco, the lattercalled them cowards for being lackeys of Mexica. Tehuantepec appealedto Ahuitzotl. His armies defeated Xoconoxco, but once again thewarriors complained when they were not allowed to pillage. Whenthe city of Tenochtitlan needed fresh water, Ahuitzotl forcedthe ruler of Coyoacan to make his springs available. Warned thatthis would cause flooding, Ahuitzotl went ahead anyway; the springsand heavy rains flooded the lagoon, causing much damage beforeNezahualpilli could repair the dikes and remove the new dams withhelp from divers.

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Locked and loaded for the 2nd episode of Summer of A.S.S. featuring Black Lagoon.

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As the tropical zones bake and refugees flee north, London sinks into a gummy lagoon: 'The dense groves of giant gymnosperms [crowded] over the roofs of the abandoned department stores' (Chapter One).

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Priest's islands are places far from the centre of affairs, decided between great nations on the continents; thus in 'Whores' (1978) the Archipelago is used as a vast brothel by troops from either side, and in 'The Watched' (1978) the island's future is to be decided at the conclusion of a centuries-long continental war.

The air was a crisp 40 degrees, the water of the Blue Lagoon was 100 degrees.

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It’s a show that you take in small arc by small arc, typically contained within 3-4 episodes with each telling its own self-contained escapade. Of course, it helps that Geneon/Funimation have done arguably some of their best work on the dubbing of Black Lagoon. Considering this was dubbed over in 2008, and the industry still hadn’t quite landed its foothold in the US at this time, Geneon/Funimation fully embraced the style of Black Lagoon and created a memorable, perfect dubbing. The dialogue fits every mood and gunfights as applicable, with smaller, more tender voices suiting their respective moments, while swears litter the battleground just as much as any bullet casing. Every one’s voice fits their character and radiates personality. If you enjoy zany, unrealistic action flicks of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and tolerate a ton of gunfights interspersed with exposition from time to time, then Black Lagoon is an anime for you.

The Distant Future is separated from the past by a tremendous but unexplained flood that has reduced England to an archipelago called Ing.

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Ancient words of advice by Mexica nobles to their childrenindicate they were motivated by a strong sense of honor and disdainedto engage in common trade. They were urged to be clean and pure,and women could avoid poverty by spinning and weaving. Chastityand fidelity to one mate were encouraged, though two or threeyoung men might share a paramour before they were married. Kingsand nobles often had more than one wife. Everyone was admonishednot to be vain, proud, or praise themselves, which provokes theanger of the Near and Close Lord. Rather one should bow one'shead and be truly meek and humble, because the Lord knows one'sheart and sees within us what we merit. The ideal was to be pureof vice and filth, and it was considered a blessing to die inwar.

An England reduced to an archipelago is the familiar made strange, the powerful reduced to the peripheral.And what of the wider world?

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Through Britling’s reaction to the war we glimpse the painful changes in Wells’s own thinking.We meet Britling in the summer of 1914, a last season of complicated house parties and village fetes.

Watched the first two eps of Black Lagoon last night, seemed to be just what I was looking for on a hot summer night.

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The eponymous Black Lagoon is often the main transportation of the Lagoon Company, manned by pirate mercenaries Revy, Dutch, and Benny. The company picks up the metaphorical viewer to join their journey in the form of Rock. Rock is a Japanese salaryman after his supervisor used him as unsuspecting pawn and abandoned him in an illegal smuggling incident who quickly gains his sea legs. Unlike the rest of the crew of the Black Lagoon, Rock is more diplomatic, eagerly trying to dissolve situations with words over gunfights. It’s rare his views prevent bloodshed, but he still insists on brains being greater than brawn. However, the seedy crime world of the 1990’s Roanapur (a fictional city in Thailand) hardly has time for his good intentions, and to ensure their livelihood can continue will do all they can to prevent Black Lagoon’s interference. Fascinatingly enough, Roanapur conveniently houses nearly every disreputable group imaginable: Yakuza, Mafia (Russian and Italian, the Colombian Cartel, you name it. Battles will range from bars to on-the-high seas throughout Black Lagoon’s twenty-four episode run.