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Most archaeologists agree that the Mayans were governed byan elite class. When rivals or enemies from the elite were captured,they were often sacrificed, while most prisoners were probablymade slaves, servants, or laborers. Orphans gained by purchaseor kidnapping were also used for human sacrifice; slaves werebought and sold. Ceremonies and a ball game played on a courtwith a rubber ball were very important to the Mayans. Accordingto the Spanish missionary Las Casas, men retired to a specialbuilding, and while separated from their wives they fasted andmade daily offerings of their blood for up to a hundred days priorto a major festival. The priesthood, like the rulers, was headedby a hereditary elite family, which directed the sun priests,diviners, and seers whose visions were induced by peyote. Othersassisted in the human sacrifices that cut out the heart of thevictim. Such sacrifices were probably not performed as often asthe Aztecs later did. Mayan rituals often focused on the sacredcorn (maize).

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A discussion and analysis of the novel, "The Diviners", by Margaret Laurence.

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All the nobles were educated to be priests in the (school); the rich could get their sons in with gifts, and itwas said those with poor gifts were not excluded. The youths sleptin the , and discipline was strict. Serious offenseslike being with a woman or drinking could be punished by death,and minor sins, like not awaking to pray at midnight, were purgedwith bloodletting. During fasts they got only water and plaincorn-cakes once a day either at noon or midnight. Verbal discoursewas valued, and songs were studied from books. According to writingsinscribed during the Spanish period, priests were expected tobe chaste, truthful, moderate, and devout. They also claimed thatthe chief priest called Quetzalcoatl was not selected by lineagebut for being the best person with the purest and most compassionateheart. Aztec artists were inspired by the Toltecs, whom they admired.A good feather artist, for example, should be skillful, a masterof oneself, and it was his duty to humanize the desires of thepeople; but a bad artist ignores how things look, is greedy, andscorns other people. A good painter is wise; God is in his heart,and he puts divinity into things and converses with his own heart.

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Grube's original translation goes, " and the same man to believe in the activities of divine beings and gods, and then again the part of one and the same man not to believe in the existence of divinities and gods and heroes." Neither translation shows quite what Socrates says, since the first phrase has only the neuter plural adjectivies (, , "spiritual," and , , "godly, divine") and the second phrase the plural nouns (, and , , "gods").

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