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“That Eye, The Sky” ends with the death of Ort’s grandmother after a long period of her living as a senile, old woman and Tegwyn and Henry Warburton running away together.

I have chosen to read the book “That Eye, The Sky” by Tim Winton

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Choosing to feature Australian films in this year's Worldfest-Charleston is proving a distinct coup, as the full-length cinematic offerings from Down Under provide fresh perspectives, exploring uncommon themes with new eyes. That Eye, The Sky defies characterization on at least three levels: it is thematically a mixed bag somewhere between mystery, magic, science fiction and religion; it stars a child but is not for children; and it poses far more philosophical questions than it answers.

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The 35th Anniversary Eye in the Sky boxset features a treasure trove of audio content that will appeal to long-time fans, the centre piece of which is a brand new 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the album, overseen by Alan Parsons at Capitol Studios, LA.

The Novel That Eye The Sky by Tim Winton is about the Flack family consisting of Sam and Alice, their children, and Tegwyn and Morton

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“It’s only the wind,” he said after a moment, uncertain