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The risk of terrorist action is not the product of a series of independent trials generated by a random device; it comes from the intentional actions of a highly motivated and moderately resourceful enemy. Hence, attempts to compare the risks of dying in a terror incident to the risks of dying in a car crash are misleading. Failure to take precautions against terror attacks increases the gross probability of these attacks, not just the net probability of their success.

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Terrorism, Politics and the Press are symbiotic, aren't they? Each is

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Given the above term change, I disagree with the following:
"I am not saying that the politicians and press are terrorists, or that they share any of the blame for terrorist attacks."

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It might be more effective to point out, for example, that the TSA aids the terrorists' efforts with each intrusive reactive hassle they (inconsistently) impose on travelers. Mohammed Atta and his gang of Islamo-fascist thugs ended their plot on 9/11 and are safely roasting in Hell, but their mass disruption continues to this day at checkpoints that might as well be their everlasting memorials. The London plotters failed to even come close to blowing up any airplanes, and will spend the rest of their lives rotting and forgotten in a British prison. But they have nonetheless spectacularly succeeded in permanently inflicting on millions of passengers every day stupid rules and restrictions that even the TSA acknowledges is a "pain point." And should some other terrorists (or terrorist-wannabees) attempt a new tactic, even unsuccessfully or implausibly, we can count on the TSA to react with a new and permanent boneheaded impediment to travel.

A bunch of commenters are saying that my essay ignores that terrorists have a political motivation.

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Recent history has shown that Islamic militants are fixated specifically on blowing airplanes up. There are many easier and more effective ways to cause "terror", but that doesn't seem to be what these guys want. They want to express that they have "power", and are a force to be reckoned with.

I'm glad someone knows what 'terrorists' want - I guess you asked them?

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Bruce, this is the most insightful, on-target essay about terrorism and our counter-productive response to it I've ever seen. Bravo!

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Given all the incidents and their corresponding disproportionate impacts cited in Bruce's article, I think I have a really good strategy for terrorist organizations: stop committing actual terrorism, and just create a series of ultimately harmless disturbances that have nearly the same effect as an act of terrorism.

The point of terrorism is to create a message. In this sense, it is theatre, and it is aimed at creating a spectacle for the audience.

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Samuel Huntington put it best: "...a different civilization whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power." This is about power, and commenter Chris' idea about terror-lite isn't going to happen--it's too subtle for these guys. They need to blow stuff up to be satisfied.