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For five years he taught an array of English classes at University of Florida; it was there, in Gainesville, that he met his wife. For five years, he directed and wrote many plays in the Gainesville theater scene with a writing partner and best friend. He visited New York during this time, and, as he put it, “became intoxicated.”

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The nauseating monotony of American Literature, British Literature, Argumentative Literature classes started to eat at his dreams. English just wasn’t enough anymore.

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09-06-15: Not sure if this is a harbinger of things to come, but the first state to release July 2015 pass rates showed a significant drop in their July Overall Pass Rate. The was 68%. Meanwhile, in examining the average pass rates in Oklahoma over the past 20 years of reported information, the July Overall Pass Rate is 81% (5,600 Overall Passers/6,910 Overall Takers from 1995-2014). This is a drop of 13% from the average July Overall Pass Rate.

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04-24-15: In response to a query, NYBOLE does not wait for MPRE results to be released before sending out the exam results. For example, February 2014 NY bar exam results were released on April 24, 2014 even though March 2014 MPRE results were not released until April 29, 2014. FYI, since 1995, a total of 1,365,473 examinees took a bar exam in the U.S. and 927,017 passed, resulting in an overall nationwide pass rate of 67.9% (this means that by February 2017, there will have been 1,000,000+ new attorneys in the U.S. over a span of 22 years).

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Toya has no formal education of the English language. After twenty years in this country, she has a decent grasp of English, though she still speaks with a certain hesitance. She is much more comfortable with her native tongue and prefers to speak Spanish even to the English-speaking family she works for. When asked where she learned English, her answer is “no cahmin’ en my hair – no viene en mi cabessa.”

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04-29-15: The F15 overall pass rate was 43%, a little bit lower than expected. In the past 25 years, there are been only two years where the February pass rate was lower (41.7% in F09 and 42.2% in F02). In looking at the last five February exams, the overall pass rate was 50% in F10; 48.2% in F11; 44% in F12; 50% in F13; and 47% in F14.