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Thinking a bit more, there is possibly one way this essay could be difficult to write. If you did have such an extensive and interesting summer, perhaps a trip to Europe, and you wanted to include as much of the trip as possible in the paper, however the instructor placed a word limit on the paper. How is it that you explain your travels from Paris to Milan, from Milan to Moscow, in only 1000 words? In such a case I would suggest you write only the most interesting features of the trip. Or perhaps if you want to include as much as possible, remove particular details write in more specific generalities. The next day we went to two museums in Milan before heading to the train station to leave for Moscow. The train from Italy to Russia took this duration of timeaˆ¦ If you have a lot to say, you have a few ways to use your words to describe your experiences, just think of how you want to convey the experience and let the writing do it for you.

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Anthony of the Desert said, a true prayer is one that you do not understand.

Typically cryptic, God said three weasels
slipping electric over the rocks
one current conducting them up the tree
by the river in the woods of the country
into which I walked
away and away and away;
and a moon-blued, cloud-strewn night sky
like an x-ray
with here a mass and there a mass
and everywhere a mass;
and to the tune of a two-year-old
storm of atoms
elliptically, electrically alive—
I will love you in the summertime, Daddy.
I will love you … in the summertime.Once in the west I lay down dying
to see something other than the dying stars
so singularly clear, so unassailably there,
they made me reach for something other.
I said I will not bow down again
to the numinous ruins.
I said I will not violate my silence with prayer.
I said Lord, Lord
in the speechless way of things
that bear years, and hard weather, and witness.

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For those who had more interesting more action packed summer vacations these essays can be pretty straight to the point. Just tell the story of your adventures. For those who spent the days just sitting out in their backyards or down at the beach you get to be a bit more inventive. I say this because you can only word "I spent my summer lying out in the sun at the beach" in so many ways. It is the less action packed summer vacations which end up having more interesting papers if written correctly. Perhaps you will decide to spend a bit more detail on the way that you took a particular route into work every morning until halfway through the summer when your route was destroyed via road construction and you were forced 10 miles out of your way to reach the same destination. Or perhaps you spent every Thursday afternoon at the beach, until one week when the week was closed because of salmonella bacteria. No summer is too dull. The only thing which may be lacking in the essay is the way that you enliven your vacation.

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