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I have been having depression and anxiety issues for the last 25 years. It all started with heartburn and turned into anxiety and depression since i couldn’t treat the root cause in a timely manner. i was on Zoloft, Wellbutrin and Lamical for several years before i weaned off completing this year after taking Iodine supplementation therapy. I was doing great few months until i stopped my last 25 mg of zoloft. I think i came of my last bit of zoloft too quickly and have mild anxiety currently. I tried HTP and L-Tryptophan, both seem to help but get upset my stomach. I am treating my stomach with Pepzin GI Soothe to reset it back to what it was when i was in early 20s.

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Informative page. I wonder if its more effective to take l-theanine? Is one better then another?
Also wondering if this supplement is safe for a child with autism?

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Goos article and inf. since GABA has a hormon growth effect, what side effects it has on men diagnosed eith early prostate cancer? Is it safe to use it? Thanks

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just one question on GABA. i took gaba last weekend and it made an immediate and noticeable difference, it was amazing. I’m just wondering if you can build a tolerance to gaba, and it can stop working over time?

Am i correct in thinking that it is legal to purchase in america?

I’m trying to taper off of ARican. I have been using gaba calm when the withdrawal get unbearable. Could this be dangerous? I sure hope not because it really seems to be helping me.

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Please note that the information in the suggested articles is not intended to diagnose nor treat you; it’s provided for educational purposes only. Just to reinforce, please talk to your doctor about whether GABA might be suitable for you.

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Owens lists the following GABA-producing foods:

I am always confused when the side effects listed are the same symptoms as the symptoms desired to cure. nervousness, blood pressure, weight, heart rate, anxious, etc

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so will providing extra gaba, lead to the receptors being down regulated and less sensitive to gaba? I’ve been told by some that this wont happen.