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I'm going to keep this short and simple, because this is onlypartlya financial planning problem; it is mostly a problem of yourrelationshipwith your spouse. Almost any advice I can give about how to handlefinancialdisputes with your spouse is going to be wrong for some of you.

"That's the dog's psychiatrist."

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"Why does your dog need a psychiatrist?"

Stock brokers make their money on the transaction chargeinvolved inbuying and selling stocks. If you buy a stock at $20 a share,andresell it at $21 a share, there are two possibilities:

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You buy a stock like GM for the combination of dividends andcapitalappreciation. The two, of course, are related. IfGM's profitsgo up next year, and they raise the dividend, it makes the stock moreattractive. This encourages people to buy GM stock, and drives up theprice. If GM's profits fall, and they lower the dividend, some stockholderswillsay, "Why am I holding a stock with a poor dividend--and a fallingstockprice?"

"Why, I would be overjoyed to give you a 10% raise! Anythingfor my loyal employees!"

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6. If you want a snazzy car--buy the house first. Four or fiveyearsafter you buy your house, your income will have risen so much fasterthanyour house payment that you will be able to buy the snazzy car withoutpain. Trust me on this. I spent too much money on new cars when Istartedworking at 18, and not enough saving for the house.

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In the especially brutal form, this is done surreptiously. Ifyou havegood credit, this can escalate to a point where a financial crisismakesbankruptcy look like a good idea. Most of the time, it's a bit morerestrainedthan that, and just leads to increasing resentment. Sometimes, neitherparty sees their complicity in this. "Everything I buy is reasonableandnecessary; she's the spendthrift!"

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5. In spite of the hype from people selling timeshare condos,this isnot a substitute for a house. Buy the house first. If you want atimesharecondo on the Kona coast (I visited a nice one there when we werevacationingthere last year--but we didn't buy), wait until you have bought thehousefirst.

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