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As one IVF mother phrased the dilemma:

Some have taken the previous waste argument one step further, claiming that it is actually medicine’s duty to research on stem cells in order to ensure its dignity.

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Those opposed of accepting stem cell research lift up the argument that it is unnatural and cruel.

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The actor, along with many other Parkinson’s patients, hopes that stem cell research could offer real advances in the understanding and treatment for the conditionThe following clip shows Fox outlining his arguments for why he believes stem cell research is so important.

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Fox’s argument that stem cell research merely puts discarded embryos (that would be left to die otherwise) to good use; is just one of many put forward by researchers and supporters alike. The process of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) requires super ovulation treatment in order to increase the eventual probability of a successful pregnancy.

A final alternative argument for stem cell research is one of simple democracy.
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