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Joan of Arc stands alone, and must continue to stand alone, by reason of the unfellowed fact that in the things wherein she was great she was so without shade or suggestion of help from preparatory teaching, practice, environment, or experience.

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 Joan of Arc's complete history is both fascinating and inspiring and is well worth learning.

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Joan of Arc
I do not understand who she really was or what she really did. But the French use her as a symbol for everything. I'm guessing there's a lot of feminism classes at L'Ecole about Joan d'Arc and returning the gaze.

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But Twain's biographer Albert Bigelow Paine defends Twain saying it is actually his greatest writing: "Considered from every point of view, Joan of Arc is Mark Twain's supreme literary expression, the loftiest, the most delicate, the most luminous example of his work." and

I personally consider Mark Twain's biography about Saint Joan to be one of the best I have read.

Joan of Arc - Click Here      gives the basic facts about Joan and is a great place to start.

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Out of a cattle-pasturing peasant village lost in the remotenesses of an unvisited wilderness and atrophied with ages of stupefaction and ignorance we cannot see a Joan of Arc issue equipped to the last detail for her amazing career and hope to be able to explain the riddle of it, labor at it as we may.

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I passionately believe that the history of Joan of Arc is one that everyone should study because the lessons to be learned from Joan's life are truly priceless and life changing.

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Below the link is an interesting essay written by Mark Twain about Saint Joan of Arc that gives a lot of insight into why Twain devoted so much time and energy into writing a biography about her.

One of the best is the full movie The Passion of Joan of Arc by Carl Dreyer which is one of the all time favorite movies about Joan.

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    Then followed the great campaign of the Loire, the capture of Troyes by assault, and the triumphal march past surrendering towns and fortresses to Rheims, where Joan put the crown upon her King's head in the Cathedral, amid wild public rejoicings, and with her old peasant father there to see these things and believe his eyes if he could.

Boyd, Beverly. “Wyclif, Joan of Arc, and Margery Kempe.” Mystics Quarterly 12.3 (Sept. 1986): 112-118.

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-- that almost invariably the artist remembers only one detail -- one minor and meaningless detail of the personality of Joan of Arc: to wit, that she was a peasant girl -- and forgets all the rest; and so he paints her as a strapping middle-aged fishwoman, with costume to match, and in her face the spirituality of a ham.

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And always she was a girl; and dear and worshipful, as is meet for that estate: when she fell wounded, the first time, she was frightened, and cried when she saw her blood gushing from her breast; but she was Joan of Arc!