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(Eileen Pearce, MLS): A compendium of about 30 murder mysteries with Autumn holiday themes, including Yom Kippur, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Author and title only. Updated 2007.

are on the Series and Sequels page.

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is on the Series and Sequels page.

(Manchester Public Library, Manchester, CT): Lists author and title for 4 mysteries set in Ireland, 4 in Scotland, 1 in Wales, and about 45 set in England. Updated Oct. 2004.

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(Northbrook Public Library, IL) : Lists titles, by country, with author and summary for each book. Lists four for Ireland, and adds six more (scroll down to Mysteries).

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(Springfield City Library, MI):Author, title, pub. year, summary for about 25 novels, by Donna Leon, Nick Tosches, Marianne MacDonald, Robert Ludlum, Michael Frayn, Martha Grimes, and others.

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(Tompkins County PL, Ithaca NY):Author, title, pub. year, cover image and extensive summary for about 20 books, plus another list of , with 10 items listed.

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(Hennepin County Library, MN): 'Perhaps you liked the thorough research and fast pace of The Da Vinci Code or maybe you were compelled by the book's religion, art history, or cryptography aspects.' Author, title, publication year, cover image, summary, and webcat link for about 25 books, from by Michel Baigent to Barbara Wood's . Updated March 2007.


(Saskatoon PL, Saskatchewan, CN):Author, title, pub. year, webcat link, and summary for about 25 books, by Thomas Gifford, Deborah Crombie, Alan Wall, David Hewson, Daniel Easterman, Yxta Maya Murray, Judith Koll Healey, et al. Updated Nov. 2004.

(Williamsburg PL, VA):Author, title, webcat link, and summary for 12 series and stand-alones.

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(J. Lockhart, Wake County PL, NC):2-page PDF. Author, title, webcat link, cover image and summary for about 20 books, by Ann Cleeves, Michael Dibdin, C. Alan Bradley, Tana French, Arnaldur Indridason, Dorothy Sayers, Louise Penney, et al. Updated March 2011.

(A History of the Mystery):Author, title, pub. year, and summary for about 40 academic mysteries.

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(Ames PL, IA):Author, title, webcat link, summary for about a dozen titles (most are fiction, not mystery), from by Edward Abbey to by Randy Wayne White. Compiled May 2007.

(Winter Park PL, FL):Author, title, webcat link for 2 mysteries set on Labor Day (U.S.).

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(Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, OH): Author, title, synopsis, and webcat and other links for each of 50 books for fans of , from by Paul Adam to by Richard Zimler.