Liberated Taejon, South Korea, Sept. 30, 1950 (AP photo/Jim Pringle)

Nichols met weekly and supplied arms to Kim “Snake” Chang-ryong, a former Japanese military officer who served as Rhee’s right-hand man for anticommunist score-settling and vengeance. The “snake” was believed to have masterminded the execution of thousands of South Koreans, according to the findings of a later government inquiry. Nichols sat in on police torture sessions where the water torture method was employed and suspects were burned with lit cigarettes and wired to a wooden-cross and subjected to electroshocks. The capture and execution of senior communist leaders was often confirmed by cutting off their heads and sending them in gasoline cans to army headquarters in Seoul. A photo of Nichols shows him and several other army officers inspecting the heads; in another, the head of a guerrilla leader was being pulled out of its box by the hair.

Slaughter of South Korean prisoners at Taejon by North Koreans

Village of Agok in northern region of North Korea hit with missiles, August 1950

Chinese and North Korean POWs at a UN Command prison

Congressman Mike Rogers also raised concern that North Korea’s young leader Kim Jong-Un is trying to prove himself to his military and that Washington could not be sure of his “stability.”

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North Korea has tested missiles that could strike South Korea or Japan but has yet to demonstrate it has the capability to fire long-range missiles that could reach the continental United States.

North Korean prisoners of war

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It is also not clear how close North Korea is to being able to convert one of the nuclear devices that it has tested to function as a missile warhead.

Japan imposed colonial rule over Korea from 1910 to 1945

On Friday, the United States said it would beef up its defenses against a possible North Korean missile strike a week after Pyongyang threatened a “pre-emptive” nuclear attack against its arch enemy.

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U.S. bombs fell on South Korea as well as on North Korea. Salvo of 500-pound bombs dropped from a U.S. B-29 on communist-controlled territory west of the Naktong River, Aug. 16, 1950 (AP photo)

Thatched huts go up in flames after B-26 bombers unload napalm bombs on a village near Hanchon, North Korea, on May 10, 1951 (AP photo)

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After the North Korean invasion of the South, Nichols witnessed the massacre of hundreds of South Koreans by the ROKA at Taejon. In his memoirs, he misstated where the massacre took place in order to uphold the official army narrative that blamed the killings on the communists; an allegation reported uncritically in Roy Appleman’s official army history of the Korean War.

US Air Force bombers destroy warehouses and dock facilities in Wonsan, North Korea, 1951 (US Dept of Defense-USIA)

If South Korea Threatened Chinese Neighbor, China …

Some 1,800 South Korean political prisoners were executed by the South Korean military at Taejon, South Korea, in July 1950 (AP Photo/National Archives, once classified as “top secret”)

How to Deal With North Korea. There are no good options. But some are worse than others.

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Nuclear-armed North Korea has a ballistic missile that could hit the United States, the leading lawmaker on the US House of Representatives intelligence committee warned Sunday.