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Ireland and Hitt (1999) developed six components for successful strategic leadership including determining a firm’s vision, maintaining core competencies and developing human capital, all aspects that Stringer has developed upon with his insistence to develop new technology and benefit from a centralized decision making system.

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Write an eight 8 page paper in which you:
1. Choose the two (2) segments of the general environment that would rank highest in their
influence on the corporation you chose. Assess how these segments affect the corporation you
chose and the industry in which it operates.
2. Considering the five (5) forces of competition, choose the two (2) that you estimate are the most
significant for the corporation you chose. Evaluate how well the company has addressed these
two (2) forces in the recent past.
3. With the same two (2) forces in mind, predict what the company might do to improve its ability to
address these forces in the near future.
4. Assess the external threats affecting this corporation and the opportunities available to the
corporation. Give your opinions on how the corporation should deal with the most serious threat
and the greatest opportunity. Justify your answer.
5. Give your opinion on the corporation’s greatest strengths and most significant weaknesses.
Choose the strategy or tactic the corporation should select to take maximum advantage of its
strengths, and the strategy or tactic the corporation should select to fix its most significant
weakness. Justify your choices.
6. Determine the company’s resources, capabilities, and core competencies.
7. Analyze the company’s value chain to determine where they can create using the resources,
capabilities, and core competencies discussed above.
8. Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as
academic resources.

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Pisces’s core competencies and competitive advantages should be able to focus to satisfy their customers’ needs/preference so as to able Pisces to achieve above average returns....

The Missions, Visions, Objectives, Goals and Core Competencies of Sony Ericsson (LO 1.1)* followed by the respective paragraph
Question 3: What do you identify as Sony’s resources, capabilities and core competencies

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Sony’s problems continued and were ‘most obvious in its core electronics business, which accounts for two-thirds of its revenues’ as the consumer devices such as TV’s, DVD players and music players came under fierce price pressure and Sony failed to come up with any more trend-setting new gadgets to boost profits (The Economist, 2005).

All about Core Competencies introduction, definition, importance. Also, how managers can identify and build core competencies for business.

Idea, Methodology And A Practical Approach

Question 3: What do you identify as Sony’s resources, capabilities and core competencies? Does Sony have a sustainable competitive advantage?

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