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In Toni Morrison’s novel Song of Solomon, Milkman goes through the early, adolescent, and middle stages of his life with little faith in himself, for he cannot fly, nor does he know flight’s true meaning.

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Also in the vein of journeys and epics, Song of Solomon contains references to German fairytales, such as “Hansel and Gretel,” a story about a trek into the woods and then back out (219). There are numerous allusions to ancient Greek myths, such as the myth of Jason and the golden fleece, in Milkman’s search for gold. On p. 245, Circe says, "The dead don't like it if they're not buried." Think about "Antigone" and that notion of your connection to your family versus community and abidance to the law, and the protagonist’s insistence that her brothers be buried. Also remember Daedelus and Icarus in the flight of escape. We might think about how that works.

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Regarding the apparent dilemma of Song of Solomon's ending, one critic suggests that "the question the reader should ponder in this interrogative text is not whether Milkman lives or dies, but whether Milkman dies or flies" (Wilentz 74).

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novel "Song of Solomon" there are many references to flight.

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