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Many people recognise the medical benefits that biotechnologies may bring. But many also fear that such benefits may be purchased at too great a price. The image we have is of an unending conflict between an amoral science, hellbent on progress at any cost, and those who seek to restrain scientific advancement and place it within a moral framework. How can we defend the dignity of human beings from being eroded by techniques such as cloning? Is it possible to stop science treating human beings as mere objects? Questions such as these betray a deep anxiety not only about the very character of scientific research and also about the ways in which biotechnologies appear to throw up new ethical questions and problems that threaten to overwhelm us.

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Issues such as these cannot, however, be rationally debated if we begin with the presumption of an inevitable clash between science and ethics and of the need for ethical restraints on scientific advances. The real struggle is not between science, on the one side, and morality on the other. It is between different visions of what it is to be ethical. It is time we stopped indulging the myth that the moral high ground is necessarily occupied by those wish to place a restraining hand on scientific research and started making the case instead for a human-centred morality that seeks rationally to use scientific advances to alleviate suffering and improve our lives.

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Ethics in science has increasingly become an important issue in democratic societies, especially subsequent to the rise of the modern life sciences. After important discoveries in the field of biology ethical reflection of scientific work and its results has come into focus. Naturally, the complex of bioethics, understood as medical ethics, is prominently represented. Furthermore closely related topics, like environmental ethics, animal ethics which can be subsumed under a broader understanding of bioethics also take up much space. But ETHICSWEB is not restricted to life sciences in the strict sense, but is principally open to all sciences which can be addressed by ethical questions.

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