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Nobus argues that Lacan is not at all interested in offering a psycho-biographical reading of Sade, but primarily in the status and function of writing as an object of desire in the mental economy of the writer.

Sade: A Biographical Essay: Laurence L

They never were able to move beyond the biographical Sade to grapple with his essence.

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The attractive man appears in all of his “revolutionary splendor,” his hero status established by his need “to seek prurience.” The lover she describes in her autobiographical novel is woefully inadequate:

“He keeps reciting voluminous passages from Sade, Verlaine, Baudelaire.

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Accolades have accumulated from the most acclaimed of eighteenth-century luminaries, such as Robert Darnton, in a lengthy review in The New York Review of Books that compares her biography with Laurence Bongie’s Sade: A Biographical Essay, to the list of scholars whom she in her acknowledgements for having read the manuscript: Lynn Hunt, Lucienne Frappier-Mazur, and Marie-Hélène Huët.

Sade: A Biographical Essay.
The autobiographic dimensions to Francine du Plessix Gray’s literary biography paradoxically lead back to Sade, from whom there is no liberation.

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Laurence Bongie enters the Sade arena as a scholar who has done archival research and discovered a few new sources. He proposes not to domesticate Sade but to take him down a few pegs. The preface states flatly that "much of his life . . . was lived as a lie." Sade's parents and early life concern Bongie most. He devotes an entire chapter to exploding one widely cited interpretation of Sade's life. Sade, the story goes, by loving his self-indulgent father and hating his cold, remote mother, developed a negative Oedipus complex--the presumed cause of his psychotic behavior. Bongie produces evidence to complicate and qualify the theory. But in doing so he engages in so many pages of hypothesis about Sade's possible actions and motives that we lose sight of Bongie's scholarly competence. He even tries to imagine what the reaction might have been if Sade's mother had ever been able to read her son's most excessive writings. In this biographical essay, the scholarly biographer, the polemicist and the digressive gossip get in each other's way.

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