Any warrant officer or enlisted member who–

I just apply some of the same principles I do in person. Small emails, don’t give up personal information of yourself unless ask about it, make assumptions, look cool, curious but calmly. And if she respons get here to invest in you by talking about herself. And let her decide when to go offline.

shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

No Cameron, you cannot. Unless you are Warrant, Non-Commissioned, or Petty Officer.


Nope. I know its a combination of my Country having very few males, few of those males are either old, married, casanovas or homosexuals, and most of the women out there don’t have a boyfriend. I’m a human being. Lets theorize that the women are genuinely attracted to me? Does that possibility get my ego high, does it increase my self-esteem? Not really.

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Disrupting people who are studying/reviewing for exams, no matter what one’s cause may be, imho, is totally inexcusable, and brings little or no sympathy from other people. The chances are that I, too would be supportive and sympathetic with the students who were being yelled at, etc., while trying to study/review for exams. Those kind of tactics are egregious, they go too far, and will not help your cause, on the long run.

Please give data to support your claim

Dear God, so you fight injustices by intimidating others and devaluing them just as you feel devalued? De-evolution being witnessed here, folks.

Can you show where you got your information?

But ignorant for damn sure. The real scandal is black brutality to whites, about which you probably know nada (but you’d know about in excruciating detail if the racial roles were reversed, e.g. in the following cases):

I’m assuming that your “other deceptive claims” is just so much talk.

Ms. Anonymous, it’s regrettable that you’ve had enough bad experiences with men that you’ve grown so bitter. I mean that honestly. It really hurts, I’m sure.

Affirmative Action must not be confused with gender discrimination.

In my days in college, this would never have happened. Why? Because we would have decked these aholes if they had bothered us. They know whites have been wussified into feeling guilty and not fighting back.

Search the Uniform Code of Military Justice

John, I PROMISE you that much of it has to do with how you lead as a man. Women who treat any attention from someone male as hostile are in the slim minority.

Or Mao jackets and Mao’s little red book of quotes.

Well, don’t enjoy them too much; remember tears in the eyes don’t obscure the vision enough to stop someone’s fist from making contact with your ugly face. Then it’ll be you sobbing like a little girl.

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Excellent point. Since black gun homicide deaths form the majority of gun homicides in the US, 90+% of them perpetrated by black shooters, should we all remain oblivious to that? Why isn’t BlackLivesMatter protesting the black gang -bangers who are the most prolific killers of blacks? Discuss among yourselves.