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This detail of the Lindau Gospels cover of 875 AD shows that artistic output in the Middle Ages was largely the work of Christian monks and other religious figures who had little formal training in art.

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Thus throughout the artist-less Middle Ages interim, the wall paintings and mosaics, religious manuscripts and their gold, bejeweled covers, sarcophagi, cathedral sculpture and reliefs discussed in Janson are largely Christian in nature, are simply anonymous and are somewhat homogeneous, sometimes even primitive in style as if the reigns of the various tribal leaders from the Visigothic king Alaric I (who lived 370-410 AD) to the all-powerful and legendary Charlemagne (who ruled 768-814 AD) through the First Crusade (1095 AD) show a continent with promise and growing religious fervor, but struggling to right itself politically, economically and culturally.

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Thus from the Pyramids to the Parthenon to Hagia Sophia, we see in Janson the stages in the evolution of form in architecture that is more telling than the more predictable forces in painting or sculpture in the same 3,000-year period. From minimalist triangular geometry (the Egyptian pyramids) to elegant post-and-lintel Greek architecture refined over 500 years of temple-building, to the domed beauty of Constantinople, Hagia Sophia marked a demarcation point after which the churches of Europe are easily as representative of cultural identity as the religious imagery inside them that came to dominate art for another millennium.

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