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Most of the Internet regulation is imposed by the Government in an effort to protect the best interest of the general public and is concerned with some form of censorship.

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Other forms of Internet regulation is domain registration, IP address control, etc.

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And suddenly a flock of quacking morons appears babbling, oh, no the gummint is the enemy! Business is sacred and needs to be be self regulating. Despite the fact that for 35 years this approach has proven to be intensely destructive. But quacking morons must quack. It's in their self interest: private profit socialized pain.

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Although there are many critical components of regulation, this paper will discuss the following three components: Licensing and Authorisation, Interconnection and Universal Access\service.

Does governmental regulation of the Internet necessarily not promote public participation then.

“The Nature of the Firm” (1937), is an article by Ronald Coase

I will also focus on three major aspects of government regulation which include: 1) regulation interferes with production by halting innovation and discouraging risk taking, resulting in declining employment, 2) government over regulates by setting standards for every aspect of manufacture when it could allow businesses to set overall objectives f...

Most of the bills that have been introduced in congress regarding Internet regulation have failed.

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When it imposed its net neutrality rules on the telecom industry, the FCC was fixing a problem that didn’t exist. While proponents of Net Neutrality have long claimed that the regulations are necessary to impose fairness for Internet usage, access to the Internet has only become more widespread and service today is far faster for users—including “ordinary” people—than it was twenty years ago. Nevertheless, when the FCC in recent months—now under pressure from the Trump Administration—announced that it may step back from net neutrality, supporters immediately began claiming that net neutrality was necessary to keep Internet access affordable and “fair.”…

This regulatory environment exists as a series of laws and directives on the various government entities interact to ensure this protection....

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With enhanced jurisdictional filters ranging from international countries to regional administrative bodies, Lexis Advance allows you to access the specific regulations you need.

Despite of all this, there is still an evident problem for American citizens when it comes to Internet Regulation....

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To communicate with other computers, either one at a time (Instant message) or many at once (chat rooms or discussion groups).

The internet is a work in progress and will continue to evolve.

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Internet regulation is basically restricting or controlling access to certain aspects or information.