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of their own Identifies fewer than two contributing factors to an ecological footprint. Fails to make a prediction.
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The purpose of this essay is to find out the ecological footprint in different countries and how ..

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Looking at the ecological footprint of each country on aper capita basis, it appears that if the population of the US could simplyreduce itsconsumption so as to attain an Ecological Footprint of one acre per person(equal to that of the lowest impact country, Bangladesh), we would almostexactly match the earth's carrying capacity today.

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Pressure from social justice activists who insist in recent decades that any focus on numbers violates the right of women to manage their fertility.Humane, successful population programmes in countries as varied as Thailand, Iran, and Mexico contradict that assumption.Nevertheless, the criticism has cowed environmentalists and NGOs which once championed the population cause, influencing policy, pushing the subject off the agenda, or shifting the emphasis solely to "reproductive health" without the numbers.Most environmentalists now suggest a reduction in individual consumption is all we need to solve our ecological problems.Measuring consumption as the use of biologically productive land and sea, data shows a global maximum sustainable footprint, at today's population, of just under 1.8 global hectares per person.

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reducing humanity’s ecological footprint has a number of other positive results

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