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Given this, the reader's mind says yes, both are dark,autumn dusk is similar to heavy feathers that suddenlydescend through the empty tree filling it with darkness. Yes,the black crow is the harbinger of death, the time of rest innature and in life. If you've ever been near where a crowsuddenly lands you've felt this fear folded under its wings,the surprise it is so black, so large, so threatening, socold -- just as late autumn is.

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, researchers found that around 25% of overweight Latina women described their weight as “normal.” Meaning? Our cultures’ embrace of curvy bodies might actually hurt us when it comes to understanding our health risks and our healthy body size.

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While the stories about Issa do not mention in detail hisvarious employments while traveling, which were necessary toearn the small change needed to keep him alive, there is onepoem he wrote which indicates a soft job. .

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3. Seventeen syllables written in three lines dividedinto 5-7-5.

Anyone who has ever observed a fly at close range hasseen this humorous action of the fly rubbing its forefeettogether, and then the hind feet, which indeed appears to bea wringing of the hands in expectation of a blow.

5. Less than 17 syllables written in three lines asshort-long-short.

One cool night in August, Issa was turning over in bedwhen he observed a cricket trying to get under the blanketsto get warm. That prompted him to write this poem:

7. Write what can be said in one breath.

Curvy. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition is: “having a well-proportioned feminine figure.” Also known as being shapely, statuesque, and well-endowed. But has the word lost its meaning?

A cricket disturbedthe sleeping child; on theporcha man smoked and smiled.

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Occasionally a haiku is written that is so full of possible divisions into what is the fragment or the phrase that writing it in one line is the only way that offers the reader the complete freedom to find the breaks. And with each new arrangement the meaning of the poem varies. An examplewould be:

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While Issa was very young, he saw his father carryingluggage on what was then called the Hokkoku Kaido, or theNorth Country Roadway. We know that the daimyo with theirlong colorful entourage used this road to Edo from about1611. Nojiri was one of the stations along the foot-highway,and was one of the eight important stopping places along thebase of the mountain.

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1. Seventeen syllables in one line.

The richest daimyo in Japan at that time, Lord Kaga,travelled this road and part of Issa's father's job was toassist in the carrying of Lord Kaga's luggage. While he madethe trip every year, Lord Kaga's train was so long that itnever stopped passing through the village from one year's endto the next. Issa wrote many poems about happenings duringthis spectacle. One is: .