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The national interest, often referred to by the expression ("reason of State"), is a 's goals and ambitions whether , , or cultural. The concept is an important one in where pursuit of the national interest is the foundation of the school.

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The new debate between international (neo)realists and (neo)liberalsis no longer concerned with the questions of morality and human nature,but with the extent to which state behavior is influenced by the anarchicstructure of the international system rather than by institutions, learning and other factors that are conductive to cooperation. In his 1989 book InternationalInstitutions and State Power, Robert Keohane accepts Waltz’semphasis on system-level theory and his general assumption that statesare self-interested actors that rationally pursue their goals. However,by employing game theory he shows that states can widen the perceptionof their self-interest through economic cooperation and involvement ininternational institutions. Patterns of interdependence can thus affectworld politics. Keohane calls for systemic theories that would be ableto deal better with factors affecting state interaction, and withchange.

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His contributions to class discussions, independent analysis of sources and explanation of why people still disagree about Cromwell show that he has a developing understanding of the features of historical interpretations.Exploring interpretations:
Pupil D’s essay shows that he has an understanding of how and why the 1970 film Cromwell and the 1985 Pogues song were produced.

the pursuit of world order speaks to a higher objective than the pursuit of the national interest ..
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While Morgenthau’s six principles of realism containrepetitions and inconsistencies, we can nonetheless obtain from themthe following picture: Power or interest is the central concept thatmakes politics into an autonomous discipline. Rational state actorspursue their national interests. Therefore, a rational theory ofinternational politics can be constructed. Such a theory is notconcerned with the morality, religious beliefs, motives or ideologicalpreferences of individual political leaders. It also indicates that inorder to avoid conflicts, states should avoid moral crusades orideological confrontations, and look for compromise based solely onsatisfaction of their mutual interests.

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