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Again this reinforces the benefits of pursuing a set of progressive HRM practices.’ They also emphasize the importance of a high-involvement climate and suggest in particular that HRM practices such as the provision of opportunities for learning, training and development, focus on job security, promotion and careers, minimizing status differentials, fair reward systems and comprehensive communication and involvement processes will all contribute to a positive psychological contract (Guest et al, 1996).

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Psychological contracts are not developed by means of a single transaction.

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This essay will provide a basic definition of psychological policy, explain and analyze the role of the psychological control in managing human resources by different perspectives from people involved.

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Thus it is crucial to highlight any areas of weakness or uncertainty before committing to the psychological contract, as no one is legally bound to the agreement or terms.

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However, the violation of the psychological contract can signal to the participants that the parties no longer share a common set of values or goals (Sims, 1965).

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Therefore, the main aim of this essay is to analyse the importance of the psychological contract in many aspects and support more evidences and experiences to support employers’ view in managing people....

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These disappointments can, however, be alleviated in the development and continuation of the psychological contract if managements appreciate that one of their key roles is to manage expectations, which means clarifying what they believe employees should achieve, the competencies they should possess and the values they should uphold.

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Critically evaluate the so called theory of the ‘psychological contract’, does it provide a valid, reliable and predictable explanation that may contribute to an understanding of organisational success or failure?

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The development of a psychological contract for the employee may include understandings about the nature of what is actually to be exchanged (assuming there is some agreement; money in exchange for time at work), social need satisfaction and security in exchange for hard work and loyalty, opportunities for self-actualization and challenging work in exchange for high productivity, high-quality work, and creative effort in the service of organizational goals, or various combinations of these and other things (Guest, Conway, Briner, Dickman, 1996).

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In an ordinary business, the psychological contract might include such things as the levels of worker’s commitment, the quality of working conditions and job satisfaction.