A harmless reovirus kills prostate cancer cells .

(It should be noted that unlike many other cancers which seem to arise froma single cell gone awry, prostate cancer, even in its pre-detection phase,seems to be multi-focal.

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High-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia: The most likely precursor of prostate cancer.

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Thun, , CA Cancer J Clin 2007;57:43-66.)"In 2007, prostate cancer was diagnosed in an estimated 218,900 men in theUnited States, and approximately 27,050 men died of the disease." (From"More than 186,000 U.S.

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According to the American Cancer Society more than 218,890 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007." (From an email from the NationalProstate Cancer Coalition, 12 March 2007.)"In 2007, approximately 1 of 6 men in the United States received a diagnosis of prostate cancer, and 1 in 34 died from it." (From , referring to A.

In about 1993, a friend of mine who was just 50 at the time, was diagnosedwith prostate cancer.

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Laboratory and population-based research suggest that adequate levels of vitamin D reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and may help suppress the growth and spread of prostate cancer cells in men who already have it.

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Dean Ornish and UCSF showing how diet and lifestyle affect gene expression in tumor cells -- following the Ornish program for 3 months had post-program prostate cancer biopsy samples compared to pre-program prostate cancer biopsy samples.

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"Patients who receive radiation therapy for prostate cancer have a 3.5-times greater risk of developing a second malignancy, according to a study presented here at the 96th Annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons (ACS)...."

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The dietary recommendations for patients diagnosed with PC are similar to those aiming to reduce their risk of PC." The review also found there is evidence that eating healthier may help slow tumor progression in men who have prostate cancer.

The PSA test has been approved for use since 1994 to detect early prostate cancer....

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Founded in 1993, the PCF has raised more than $210 million and provided funding for prostate cancer research to more than 1,100 researchers at 100 institutions worldwide.

Early on in the process I came across Andy Grove's 1996 on his experience with prostate cancer.

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If the immediate biopsies of these organs indicates that the cancer has spread from the prostate gland, the surgery is aborted and the patient sewn back up with his prostate and his cancer.

MR Imaging and MR Spectroscopic Imaging in the Pre-treatmentEvaluation of Prostate Cancer.

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Craig Hall, MD, in Cancer Control, JMCC 8(2) 141-150 (2001)
A good review of the history of TRUS as well as a thorough discussion of biopsy strategy for most efficient detection of prostate cancer.