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Some people said that a simple prayer should not be taken out of public. well, what about the people who don’t believe in the christian god? Are you going to say a prayer for their religion as well? How angry or upset would you be if a Wiccan or Muslim said their prayer for everyone? I am sure most of you would be stricken horridly with anger. What makes Christians have any more right then others? Nothing. So learn to respect others and their beliefs.

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I Don’t believe Prayer should be banned from school. yes it is a private and personal thing but students should have the ability to do it when they wish. Look at it from not a religious point. For instance sports, people dont have to play the sport but some sign up. Prayer should be an option but not completly banned from schools.

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And finally, I am a fan of public schools. But the U. S. school system is groaning under the burden of more students with more significant issues, and dwindling dollars. Schools are designed to teach the greatest number of children possible, to teach to the middle. If you'd ever spent time advocating for a child with special needs or a child who learns in a very different way, or just pressing for higher academic standards in schools just struggling to satisfy the burdens imposed by legislation like No Child Left Behind, you'd understand that just advocating for change is daunting at best, and expecting a straining unwieldy system to adapt to an individual child's needs is unrealistic.

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You’re severly missing the point of those trials and using it for your own religious propaganda. The fact of the matter is that America was not formed to conform to how you see things, it was formed as a way to let everyone see things the way they want. The trials in which you cited were ruled as such to protect and uphold the Bill of Rights, not to conform to the Ten Commandments, which have no place in government or judicial rulings.

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I think there is a big difference between trying to pass your beliefs on to your children while they also learn about other options versus pretending there is only one truth and shielding them from other views.

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How bad did Daniel in the Bible want to pray? Bad enough that he was willing to put his life on the line. How many Christians “really” want prayer in school? How many are willing to go to prison for standing up? And if they put all the Christians in prison for praying – then who will pay the taxes to support the prisons?

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On another note, the Courts are taking prayer out of schools in the sense that it is mandatory for everyone, not forcing it out of anyone. The Courts have ruled that everyone is free to pray as they see fit as long as it does not interrupt the learning process taking place. Your argument is breaking the Bill of Rights by infringing on the rights of those who do not wish to pray, or at the very least do not wish to pray in a public place in such a way.