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Gosford, Louisa Augusta Beatrice Montagu, Countess of – (1854 – 1944)
British courtier
Lady Louisa Montagu was the daughter of the seventh Duke of Manchester, and she became the wife (1876) of Archibald Brabazon Sparrow Acheson (1841 – 1922), fourth Earl of Gosford (1864 – 1922), and was the mother of Archibald Charles Montague Brabazon Acheson (1877 – 1954), who succeeded his father as fifth Earl of Gosford. He was married twice and left descendants.
Lady Gosford served at court as lady-in-waiting to Queen Alexandra, the wife of Edward VII (1901 – 1910) and in recognition of her loyal service to the royal family she was appointed DBE (Dame Commander of the British Empire) as Dame Louisa Acheson. Louisa survived her husband as Dowager Countess of Gosford (1922 – 1944).

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Gardner, Dame Frances Violet – (1913 – 1989)
British physician and cardiovascular specialist
Frances Gardner was born (Feb 28, 1913) and was educated in Oxford and London, and qualified as a physician from the Royal Free Hospital School of London (1940). Frances Gardner then worked abroad in the USA for several years before being appointed as consultant physician to the Roayl Free after the war, a post she filled for over three decades (1946 – 1978). She was married (1958) to the surgeon, George Qvist, and later served as the first dean of the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine (1962 – 1975) and was then served a decade as president (1979 – 1989). Frances Gardner was awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire) by Queen Elizabeth II, in recognition of her services to medicine, and was later created DBE (Dame Commander of the British Empire). Dame Frances published several papers concerning cardiovascular conditions. Dame Frances Gardner died (July 10, 1989) aged eighty-six.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

The entire work has the visual quality of a sexual fantasy, with the teenage protagonist's movements as he polishes his car suggesting that the image presented represents a kind of masturbatory--or auto-erotic--fantasy, in which the auto plays both the idealized phallus and the object of desire.

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Guildford, Dame Joan – (c1469 – c1530)
English Tudor courtier
Joan Vaux was born at Harrowden in Northamptonshire, the daughter of Sir William Vaux (died 1471), and his wife Katherine Peniston, and was sister to Nicholas, Lord Vaux of Harrowden. Her sister Frideswide Vaux became the wife of Sir Matthew Browne, of Betchworth Castle, Surrey. Joan became the second wife (c1485) of Sir Richard Guildford (1455 – 1502), master of the ordnance under Henry VII. Lady Joan was appointed by Lady Margaret Beaufort as the governess to her granddaughter, the Princess Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII, whom she accompanied to Scotland for her marriage with King James IV (1503).
With the death of Sir Richard in Jerusalem, whilst engaged upon a pilgrimage in the Holy Land, Joan remarried to the noted diplomat, Sir Anthony Poyntz (1480 – 1534), of Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, as his second wife. Her children by her first marriage included Sir Henry Guildford (1489 – 1532), who served at the court of Henry VIII as master of the horse and controller of the royal household. Through her daughter Jane Guildford, the wife of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, she was the maternal grandmother of Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester (1533 – 1588), the favourite of Queen Elizabeth I. Lady Guildford appears as a character in various historical romances including The Thistle and The Rose (1965) and Katharine of Aragon (1968) by Jean Plaidy.

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Ganapamba – (c1230 – c1293)
Indian queen and ruler
Ganapamba was the daughter of Ganpati Deva, the King of the Kakatiya at Warangal, and was the younger sister to Rudramba, who succeeded their father as queen regant of the Kakatiya. Ganapamba was married to Prince Bela, the son and heir of Rudradeva, King of Kotah. Her husband was killed in battle (1253) after which Queen Ganapamba took control of both the government and the administration of the kingdom. Revered for her wisdom and encouragement of education and the arts, the queen ruled peacefully for four decades without opposition.

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Gisela of Lorraine – (c861 – 907)
Queen consort of Norway (882 – 885)
Gisela was the daughter of Lothair II, the Carolingian ruler of Lorraine and his mistress Waldrada of Nordgau, whom he later married. She was married (882) to Godfrey of Friesland, King of Haithabu, dorestad, and Rustringen in Norway, who was killed in battle only a few years later (885). Their eldest daughter Reinhilda of Friesland became the wife of Count Theodoric of Westphalia and their daughter, Mathilda of Westphalia, became the scond wife of the Holy Roman emperor Henry I the Fowler (919 – 936). After her husband’s death Queen Gisela attempted to rule as regent, and restore peace to the kingsom, but her efforts were not successful. She then returned to Francia with her young daughters, and was appointed abbess of Nivelles, in Austrasia. Her younger daughter Frederuna became the first wife of King Charles III the Simple to whom she bore six daughters. Queen Gisela died aged about forty-six (before Oct 26, 907).