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This essay cannot do justice to . did not question the need to fight wars, but explored the psychology of warfare, both on the front and at home. Fussell finished with his most biting chapter, titled "The Real War Will Never Get in the Books." Fussell described the evolving psychological condition of soldiers. There are three stages. The first is that that all young soldiers have when joining the military. No soldier thinks that will die. It could not happen to him. As he goes through training, talk to experienced soldiers, and see some of war's realities, it sobers him up a little, but his attitude is still that he is too smart, too talented, too good looking, or too lucky to get killed. He dons his psychic armor as believes himself to be impervious to bullets.

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One of the few Presidents that held off a total of 8 years was President Ronald Reagan.

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President Ronald Reagan’s first national political scene was when he did a speech supporting the Republican presidential candidate Senator Barry Goldwater.

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According to public opinion, Ronald Reagan was one of America’s greatest presidents, deserving of the highest praise, for “winning” the Cold War, establishing “Reaganomics,” and essentially making a massive headway in the war against communism....

Yet, everyday President Ronald Reagan was seen smiling and seemingly in control.

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The Ronald Reagan Great Communicator Debate Series was founded to develop engaged, informed, and conscientious citizen leaders by hosting a national series of high school debates. The debates search for students who can effectively use logic, evidence, and personality to communicate their ideas, just as Ronald Reagan did throughout his life.

Competitors who qualify for the National Championship receive an all-expenses paid trip to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Southern California. The three day trip will include a private tour of the library, dinner under the wings of Air Force One, and a chance to meet an extraordinary group of young leaders. The competitors will compete for his/her share of the $50,000 scholarship prize.

On October 23rd, 1983 the tragic and catastrophic even of the Marine Barracks bombing had occurred, shocking the UN and President Ronald Reagan.

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As the dust was clearing in Europe, millions of German soldiers came under Allied control. Germany had been on the losing end of two World Wars in less than a 30-year span, and the Allies would make sure that they could not wage war again. France, Britain, the Soviet Union, and the USA carved Germany up into spheres of influence, including the capital city of Berlin. , a Jew who ran the U.S. Treasury, developed what became known as the Morgenthau Plan, which was plainly stated in his 1945 book . Morgenthau proposed to de-industrialize Germany and turn it into a land of peasants. Morgenthau's plan was made public in October of 1944, and Republicans publicized Morgenthau's plan to try gaining political points on the eve of the presidential election. Nazis used the disclosure for propaganda to its people, which probably contributed to them fighting to the bitter end in Berlin. In November of 1944, wrote:

Subject Matter/Topic Reagan is a biography of former president Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States.

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Perhaps the closest thing that America has had to a visionary president was John Kennedy ("JFK"), but that is also a mixed bag. He made visionary statements that inspired millions of Americans, such as his speech, his "What can you do for your country?" speech, his and New Frontier ideas, etc. Kennedy did not dream it all up himself. He had speechwriters and advisers who helped polish that image. He was a politician also, and reading the record on his administration is not always pleasant. He was not exactly at the forefront of the Civil Rights issue, but played the politician who bowed to the winds of change and tried to seem like a leader when it was advantageous. He was close buddies with Joe McCarthy, for instance, and agreed with the witch-hunt mentality that prevailed during the McCarthy days. Kennedy presided over the beginning of the Vietnam War, but reluctantly.

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Ronald Reagan was one of the most influential presidents of all time because he renewed the American spirit through his unique vision, advanced and protected democracy and capitalism, and stimulated economic growth and development....