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The start of Ophelia’s madness is contributed through examination of her relationships, and soon adding up the the loss of her loved ones, her father Polonius, her brother, Laertes, and her lover Hamlet.

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Polonius tells Reynaldo to spy on his son Laertes in Paris. Polonius learns from his daughter Ophelia that a badly dressed Hamlet met her, studied her face and promptly left. Polonius believes that Hamlet's odd behavior is because Ophelia has rejected him. Polonius decides to tell King Claudius the reason for Hamlet's recently odd behavior.

Free Hamlet Character papers, essays, and research papers.

We learn more of Young Fortinbras' movements and Polonius has his own theory about Hamlet's transformation; it is caused by Hamlet's love for his daughter Ophelia. Hamlet makes his famous speech about the greatness of man. Hamlet plans to use a play to test if King Claudius really did kill his father as King Hamlet's Ghost told him...

One answer is that Hamlet learned from the killing of Polonius that revenge must wait until the act is necessary for the good of the entire state.
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In “The World of Hamlet” Maynard Mack describes the interference of a possessive Polonius in the life of his son, Laertes: “The apparel of proclaims the man,” Polonius assures Laertes, cataloging maxims in the young man’s ear as he is about to leave for Paris....

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Oakes, Elizabeth. “Polonius, the Man Behind the Arras: A Jungian Study.” New Essays on Hamlet. Ed. Mark Thornton Burnett and John Manning.

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