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Archbishop Desmond Tutu must be one of the busiest octogenarians in the country, with his life well documented and every word uttered in public life scrutinised.
A new photographic exhibition, #TUTU, intends to frieze a few moments from his busy schedule, prayer and personal time.
The exhibition comprises views from the lense of local freelance photojournalist Sumaya Hisham. It is part of a range of events held in relation to Women’s month in August.
Hisham has been documenting Tutu’s public life for almost five years. As a photojournalist she has reported for international news agencies on his activities.

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The theme of precarious labor and life is taken up by many of the authors in the February issue of Cultural Anthropology. Registering this visually in the mode of photography, “Imagining Precarious Life in Tulum, Mexico” is a striking complement to these articles. A textual essay by Cuelenaere and José Rabasa on this photo exhibit is in progress.

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Laurence Cuelenaere received her PhD in cultural anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently an Associate Scholar in the Department of Anthropology at Harvard University. She has conducted ethnographic research in Bolivia and Mexico focusing on questions of belief, indigenous politics, and intercultural philosophy. Her most recent publication is “Paradoxes of Belief as Perceived in the Uses of Creer, Creencia, and Criyincia in the Northern Bolivian Highlands” (Ethnohistory, 2013). As a photographer, she studied with Nick Johnson at The New England School of Photography. Cuelenaere is currently working on a photo essay on precarious life in the Bolivian highlands.

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Various disciplines weigh images and text with different levels of priority: photo journalism prioritizes text (there may only be one image for inches of text), whereas art photography prioritizes image (many images may only contain captions). The argument about text and image in anthropology is that photos usually supplement text and as images simply illustrate what the text already states. In this essay, there is very little deliberate conversation between the text and image and I read that the authors expect the viewer to sense or feel something from the image that then resonates with the text, or vice versa.”

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In 2012, Cultural Anthropology launched a . This is the second photo essay, which continues to expand on this project to bring photography to Cultural Anthropology. The section is developing an , which aims to include author–reviewer dialogues as well as online commentary. Once again, the authors offer to us a captivating set of images. For more information on how to submit your own photo essay to Cultural Anthropology, see .

Daisaku Ikeda is an avid amateur photographer. Photos by theme and 'This Beautiful Earth' photo essays and recordings by professional voice actors.

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“Photography in Africa is controversial,” says Eva Langret, curator of , an exhibition showcasing photography from Africa and its diaspora at Tiwani Contemporary, displayed until the 27June.

Exhibit: Photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson. A show at New York's Museum of Modern Art explores the many facets of photography's most protean talent

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dancers figured prominently in “Dance Magic,” photography exhibit that concluded a year’s run in April at the in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Starting Saturday with a 6:30 p.m. public reception, the 20-work show comes to the dance company’s Lawrenceville studios for an open-ended run.