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Yet, the guy known as Chem took his '91 Chemdog cut to mass and did some trades, the '91 cut got renamed Diesel on the east coast and became the "original diesel" because of its superiority and popularity...

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I thought it's leaves were the spitting image of a Oaxacan pictured here:

I was corrected about the possibility of the Mexican in Haze being Oaxacan.

This entry was posted by Cathy Hague on April 13, 2016 at 6:49 am

The Dog Bud had been propagated and grown for a long time outdoors near the california oregon border.

the exact genetics of the Chem aka Dog Bud, grown up there near the border are still unknown...

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I'll keep what smokes right for me.

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Appearance is dead last on my list.

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I wish I had smoke reports for you everyday.

when actually the ECSD is a clone only and NYCD is an ECSD bagseed gifted to Soma, then pollinated by Soma with his afghan/hawaiian male to make his NYCD.

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and yeah guerrero oaxaca POTato potATO

the soil down here will not turn out quality bud unless the soil is properly amended.

so, there are still possibilities that real deal ag is still available in seed form.

Please searchour  for past conferences, learnabout the  beingorganized in the near future.

Always a pleasure to see your work!

Behind the paid petition gatherers is strong financial backing by the national and Arizona dispensaries that stand to benefit from the potential law. They've raised nearly a million dollars and spent about half of that, according to the most recent

like how people refer to good weed as "chronic" "fire" "bomb" in general terms.

I'll try to post a few pics once it gets going.

but doesn't really look like the Sour D I have seen.

let me preface this with the fact that when you trace the history back it ends up being unknown and comes from bagseed...

the theory that Sour D has mexican genetics comes from Soma's speculation that East Coast Sour Diesel is a mexican/afghan cross (which is incorect as far as I can tell) and the convoluted relationship between the East Coast Sour Diesel and Soma's New York City Diesel, because many people confuse the two for being the same thing...