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The 21st century has seen what might be called the Harlequin-isation of Austen – the reinvention of Austen as the queen of the rom-com – but Austen is in fact an uncompromising if cheerfully ironic moralist.

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Portrait of Jane Austen, drawn by her sister Cassandra (c. 1810).

Bound in dark cloth, all the Bentley novels carried an engraved frontispiece featuring a scene from the book in question, with a matching vignette on the title page, and were sold at a price that made them affordable for a middle-class audience.

Jane Austen Persuasion – he attended to her large fat sighings Image

The frontispiece of Bentley’s edition of Emma depicts Mr Elton gazing rapturously at Harriet across the drawing room, but with his hand meaningfully placed upon Emma’s sketch of her.

“In this class,” Scott added, “she stands almost alone.”

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In this kind of novelistic narration the voice of the author and her characters appear entwined – that is, the elements of authorial narration and internal monologue are mixed – giving rise to a new use of language that paved the way for modern writers to paint their compelling images of human consciousness.

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Though Emma is more affluent than most Austen heroines, being “handsome, clever and rich”, like all Austen novels the book explores the economic precariousness of women’s lives in the early 19th century – its plot turns on questions about whether the characters should marry for love, necessity, practicality, or indeed, money.

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Charles Brock, The novels and letters of Jane Austen. Public Domain

Ultimately, perhaps, what the many Emmas of the last 200 years reveal is that Austen’s idea for a novel based on “three or four families in a country village” is shaping up to be immortal.

It is of course Emma – and perhaps her fortune – that is the real object of Mr Elton’s attention.

In 1948, a new illustrated edition arrived on the market.

It is justifiably celebrated as the text in which a new kind of writing called “” is virtually invented, although this style of writing can also be glimpsed in the earlier works of authors such as .

By mid-century, Austen’s Emma was also making an appearance as far away as India.

Aisha, wrote Dehli-based film critic in 2010, is “all about money”.

It is Austen’s peculiar brand of acid-bath realism, and her eye for the minutiae of social and class hypocrisy, which constantly catches the attention of critics.