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Is it really true, however, that, compared with perception,introspection is in some way special? Critics of foundationalism haveargued that introspection is certainly not infallible. Might one notconfuse an unpleasant itch for a pain? Might I not think that the shapebefore me appears circular to me when in fact it appears slightlyelliptical to me? If it is indeed possible for introspection tomislead, then it is hard to see why introspection should eliminate allpossible doubt. Yet it isn't easy to see either how, if one clearly anddistinctly feels a throbbing headache, one could be mistaken aboutthat. Introspection, then, turns out to be a mysterious faculty. On theone hand, it does not seem to be in general an infallible faculty; onthe other hand, when looking at appropriately described specific cases,error does seem impossible.[]

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These perceptions of situations, events, items, and people, lead Othello to break with reality....

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Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” and “Seeing” by Annie Dillard suggest that knowledge and reality are both a matter of perception based on experiences; and as such, great care should be taken by anyone who attempts to redefine the perceptions of another....

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Our role in creating our reality can be seen in another area. Apart from our perceptual apparatus, our most important tool in making distinctions and creating our reality is language.

Our environment and the people we are around shape our perception of what is real.

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The cases cited in this essay show that many near-death experiences are hallucinations. NDE cases which include false descriptions of the physical environment have been found not only by different near-death researchers, but by researchers searching for evidence that NDEs are hallucinatory. This motivation among researchers makes it impossible to estimate the prevalence of NDEs with clearly hallucinatory features. As Bruce Greyson points out, the file-drawer problem is a likely factor here: NDE accounts with clearly hallucinatory features may end up filed away indefinitely, while only more dramatic accounts are deemed fit for publication by NDE researchers (Greyson, "Near-Death" 344). Similarly, NDEs with obviously hallucinatory traits seem particularly likely to be underreported by NDErs themselves, given the disparity between how real one's NDE felt at the time and the realization that it could not possibly reflect reality if, for instance, the NDEr communicated with his still-living mother in an ostensibly transcendental realm. Nevertheless, given that many NDEs are already known to be hallucinations, it is likely that other NDEs are hallucinations as well.

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The lesson depicts that an individual’s judgment can be blinded by ignorance or vanity; hence, the significance of a clear and correct perception is crucial to understanding the truths of reality.

This movie was created to explain Putnam’s perception of the problem of skepticism and society’s knowledge of reality.

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William Goulding in his essay, ‘Thinking as a Hobby’ assigns three grades to thinkers based on their understanding of the world and their perceptions of truth....

Reality has many twist and turns, and our perception of reality is what shapes us to become who we are.

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Morty, this is a great piece of information that got me thinking about how I perceive my world. I enjoy looking at the world from a different point of view than my own and this helped bring me there in ways I certainly had not imagined. I’d never realized that a great deal of my own perception was based on my language. Your example of the Nootka “house” was eye opening.

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Schizophrenia is, at its core, the altering of a person’s perception of reality by some somatic means and when observed by a psychologically sound individual, can be quite unsettling.