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Concentrates on what the filmakers call the "race to thebottom", which is the process of the rich getting richer and the poorgetting poorer (as represented by low wages and environmental degredation inthe third world) and the "Liliputian Strategy" which is the idea thatworkers can, out of their own self interest, unite internationally and fightinjustice worlwide.

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Gene Sharp, the world's foremost expert on nonviolent resistance, with our Champion of Peace award.

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Myanmar still has a long way to go.

Since President Thein Sein came to power, his official rhetoric on national reconciliation, often through his controversial proxy, the Myanmar Peace Center (MPC), has been marked with sentiments of “goodwill” and a willingness to engage on amicable terms with ethnic armed resistance groups.

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Good deeds, not mere words, on the part of the government are essential to achieve a lasting peace in the country.

Saw Kapi is a cofounder and director of the Salween Institute for Public Policy. This article appeared in the .

Life and Peace Institute, 1998 A History of the World Conference on Religion and Peace, Homer A.

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See how those Greek women stopped the men from waging war!
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(One of over 600 readings in a first-ever, world-wide theatrical event for peace.

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I truly enjoyed co-teaching this workshop with the UW-Madison Writing Center and found our partnership to be unique in that we blend professional-preparation through personal expression. At the most basic level, like any good read (whether academic or other), our workshops focus on how to tell a good story: following an arc from context to climax to conclusion (for the more advanced, we include ways to mix up chronology and to build suspense). Our objective is to help students find their voice and, for those applicants who go on to become proud Peace Corps Volunteers, to have the confidence to continue their writing in journals and blogs abroad.

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If words or the use of language should impact the direction or success of the peace process in a way that favors those who can cleverly exercise the use of words, it will not be difficult to predict the outcome of these talks.

The majority of ethnic people, therefore, are looking for deeds, not mere words.

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With most drug users being in the productive age group of 18-35 years, the loss in terms of human potential is incalculable (Venmadhava, 2013). In the article entitled "Drug Abuse by the Teenagers ?, Venumadhava (2013) explores how drug abuse by the teenagers affect the society and their family, the article also highlights the reasons why the teenagers take drugs along with the most frequent drug they use. Additionally, the author suggested ways in which drug abuse by the teenagers can be prevented and how parents can deal with teenagers who are abusing drugs. Finally, the article looks at signs of drug abuse. Moreover, Venumadhava is currently an assistant Professor at Karnatak University. Venumadgava was not the only one to take interest in drug abuse in teenagers, Malhotra and Biswas (2006) wrote an article bearing the caption, "Cannabis Use and Performance in Adolescents ?. In their article, they alluded to the fact that the use of cannabis can lead to the use of other drugs. The article further went on to emphasize the effects of cannabis use on adolescents. Presently Biswas is a Psychiatrist at Columbia Asia hospital in Kolkata and has been practising for 10 years, while Malhotra is the Direcror of Psychiatry Reasearch at Zucker Hillside Hospital in Glen Oaks New York and an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx New York. For one thing teenagers and drug abuse has become a topical issue in societies today. Presently there are about 190 million drug users around the world. Moreover, drug use has been increasing among the young people worldwide and most drug abusers are under the age of 30. Furthermore, drug addiction is considered a disease and it in fact spreads like a virus among teenagers. As more and more teenagers become victims of drug abuse the resulting damage from drugs is evident. Hence, teenagers who abuse drugs lose their potential to function physica

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There is also need of a debate between the scholars’ of both religions that can help the people to understands each other more than before and bring peace to this world


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