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In response to the Original Post: I think most of the analytical heroes consider any supernatural phenomenon a science that we don't understand yet. But for the most part, most characters don't have a definite, prescribed religion. I remember reading an old O'Neil Batman story where Batman was almost wistful towards Christianity, and others where he dismisses it outright. And Hal Jordan spent quite a bit of time working for God, but we haven't seen it addressed in his own book. Wasn't Nightwing an overt Christian for a while in his own book?

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This essay will examine the degree to which nurture or nature influence early human development.

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Clark proceeds to fill this role by consoling Lana, who is feeling sadness about her parents' death and her subsequent life as an orphan. Clark listens as Lana speaks aloud to her deceased parents, addressing their headstone. Clark tells Lana that she is never alone, and that her mother is always watching over. This concept that a persons's deceased ancestors and family members watch over them is shared by members of many faiths, including Catholics, various Protestant denominations, Latter-day Saints, Chinese traditional religionists, etc. Frequently this concept isn't explicitly delineated as official denominational doctrine, but is promulgated as "folk belief." Whether Clark actually believes that Lana's mother is watching over her or not, he is clearly familiar with and comfortable with the concept.

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Nevertheless, "Jewish work has gone unrecognized," says Trina Robbins, who has worked in comix (alternative comics) for years. In the 1970's she wrote and drew an adaptation of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire for Lilith magazine. Robbins hopes that more attention will be paid to Jewish contributions, as well as to another unacknowledged group - women.

Nurture In Nancy Kress' "In Memoriam" the philosophical issue of identity becomes apparent.
In the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley addresses the conflict of nature vs.

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I was semi-seriously considering entering the Comic Arts Conference (held in conjunction with Comic-Con International) on a similar theme (trying to compare the ethical systems various superheroes espouse/act within -- perhaps asking "how much worse would things have to get in modern America before the average citizen would tolerate a masked/hooded vigilante solving crimes for free, without criminal charges being pressed against him" type questions. Fun stuff.

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Greg Garrett: I came back to Superman over and over again, not because he's my favorite comic character -- I have to confess that Batman, Wolverine, and John Constantine, along with other more conflicted and violent characters, are my favorites from a literary and a fan standpoint -- but because he's so clearly a moral paragon, from his creation by two Jewish teenagers to fight injustice to the present day. You can look at him as a big boy scout if you want to, but I also think there's something supremely admirable about refusing to be pragmatic, about believing with all your heart and soul that some things are right and some things are always wrong. Superman does not kill because killing is wrong and because there are always other alternatives if you are resourceful enough. Even if there weren't other alternatives, Kal-El would not want to live in a world where doing the wrong thing became the necessary thing to do. That's what has strained his close friendship with Wonder Woman to the breaking point; he doesn't want to have been saved at the cost of someone else's life, even a villain's life. Batman, violent and brooding as he is, dark to Superman's light, is having the same conflict these days with Jason Todd (if the Red Hood is indeed Robin II returned from the grave): mangle and bludgeon the bad guys if you must, put them in a cast or in intensive care if that's what it takes to protect society, but do not kill them. It's why Spider-Man is always so uneasy with and sometimes fights to stop the Marvel universe heroes like Wolverine and the Punisher. We don't kill. It's what makes us different from the bad guys. It's the same thing Catman says to Green Arrow at the end of the Villains United run: "You're supposed to be the good guys. Act like it."

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To which I'd reply, "They're not lasers, it's called heat vision." And besides, strength doesn't make someone just. Justice is about fairness - we have to have the courage to go out and do something. I remember a few months back during election season, I joined up with a group called MassEquality. They're a group of men and women who are passionate in their belief that everyone in Massachusetts should have the right to marry whomever they please, regardless of their gender.