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They are some of the sweetest, and most loyal horses I have had.(I've owned more than twenty horses over the years ) I have had them move in front of me to protect me from danger, among other wonderful acts of kindness and bravery.
The word mustang means wild and untamed, although some do say it means stray livestock , but a mustang isn't a stray, it's a wild animal, which is very different.

Mustangs are far from unpredictable, Ours are just as predictable as our other horses.

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"With all due respect to our official icon, the eagle, he of the broad wing-span and the ability to see across great distances, of patience born of the ages and majestic flight, it is really the wild horse, the four-legged with the flying mane and tail, the beautiful, big-hearted steed who loves freedom so much that when captured he dies of a broken heart, the ever-defiant mustang that is our true representative, coursing through our blood as it carries the eternal message of America. Many have read Moby Dick, but few - including me, until I began my wild horse research - remember that in his tribute to that which man should not possess, Melville devoted a passage to the other great white, the one that ranged the Great Plains:

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“Mustang unflinchingly chronicles the tragic journey that the noble horsehas endured in creating the nation we are today. Deanne Stillman's masterfully crafted work demands us to not only examine our American identity but our very humanity. In the reckoning of it all, redemption might be found. A passionate, compelling -- ultimately heartrendering -- book.“

Grullo/a is common in mustangs, quarter horses, and other breeds that have a high quantity of ‘dun’ in them.
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Deanne's book, "Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West," was published by Houghton Mifflin. It won a California Book Award silver medal in nonfiction and has been named as a "best book 2008" by the LA Times Book Review, a "top ten of 08" by Las Vegas City Life, appears on end-of-year recommended lists in the Eugene Weekly, Idaho Mountain Express, and elsewhere, and has received rave reviews in Orion Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, The Economist, Kirkus Reviews, the Santa Fe New Mexican, Arizona Daily Star, and beyond. "Mustang" is a narrative nonfiction history of the wild horse in the West, with a parallel look at the ongoing wars to wipe it out. A portion of it is now in development for a film starring Wendie Malick as Wild Horse Annie.

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However, if you do think about adopting a mustang, you need to understand the horse, and be in tune with them.

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